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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My husband has a sweet ass ;)

Meet George, Pie's b-day present:
No he's not named after a much more well known donkey named George. Or even after my father-in-law (although that is a humorous coincidence lol). George came with his name and he knows it.
Pie has wanted a donkey for some time now. In fact it was one of the first things he mentioned wanting when we started looking for our acreage 4 years ago.
When we knew we were getting our place I started the search. We wanted a small to average size, healthy, friendly donkey.
I was having no luck at all when I got a couple good leads. A couple sold and before I had the chance to follow up the others I had a friend ask me if we were still looking for a donkey. Pie was right there, but he hadn't heard her thank goodness, so I asked her if I could text her about it later. Long story short it turns out that H was moving and could take her horses but wasn't able to keep her donkey. She knew we'd give him a good home so if we wanted him she would GIVE him to us.
(yup that's right, free... considering most of the ones I was able to find were in the $500-600+ range that was a heckuva deal!)
So a few days before his July 22nd b-day (on July 17th, my l'il sis's b-day actually) I told Pie that I had to go help H with a horse that I was going to take care of while she was out of town.
Yes I lied, shamelessly.
I came back a short while later with the horse trailer and Pie happened to be out at his shop. He looked at the horse trailer and asked what was going on.
Again I lied. "We decided it would just be easier for me to bring him here. But you've GOT to see this horse! Can you help me unload him?"
Pie opened the trailer door and there was George, facing him. Oh how I wish I had gotten a picture of that moment! I didn't have the camera at hand though in case I needed to help with the unloading. H had warned me that sometimes donkeys take awhile to warm up to people so not to be offended if George was a bit standoffish at first.
Pie looked back and forth from me to George and then exclaimed "You got a donkey!?!"
"No, YOU'VE got a donkey... Happy Birthday!" I told him.

George has since settled in fine and is an accepted member of the herd. He also is very friendly and affectionate towards both Pie and I. And we're pretty proud of our cute little ass lol.
And I'm pretty darn proud that for once I was able to totally pull one over on Pie, he admits he had NO clue that I had found him his donkey! :)


  1. Happy Birthday..Pie! Welcome to the Donkey!
    Talking of cost of Donkeys! Over here that price of yours is cheap! Here your looking at around £500-upwards!thats about $700+ dollars upwards.
    They are not cheap here and highly sort after. As are Mules.

  2. How wonderful and sweet! They both look pretty pleased!

  3. That's so great. What a perfect pair. Good job pulling off the surprise.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIE!!!!! Man alive what a PRESENT!! :)

    Geeze, either George is small or Pie is REAL tall.

    You two have arrived for sure. You've been accepted and loved by a donkey, you have adorable kitties, and they rule your life! hehehehe

    Rub that sweet ass from me too please ;)

  5. What an awesome bday present! Way to go for pulling it off without him knowing! :-) That is hard to do...

    Love that last shot - that one needs to be printed and framed! (cute kittens sneaking around in the photo too!)

  6. Oh, what great fun to pull of a surprise like that! I loved hearing about it. George looks really sweet.

  7. That is a good lookin' ..uh..donkey! How cool that you totally surprised Pie. You realize that you have to change your header now, somebody is missing up there!

  8. That is so adorable!!! That last picture is so sweet. I can imagine his face opening that trailer :) Awesome!

  9. Love, LOVE, the donkey!! What a great surprise!

  10. I love it! And it looks like your George already has his own cat, too.
    Can't wait to read more stories about him.

  11. I love it! And it looks like your George already has his own cat, too.
    Can't wait to read more stories about him.

  12. Oh thats so perfect! and awesome you could suprise him!

  13. Awww...George is so cute. You did a good job there Cdn.

  14. Aww! How cute! Molly could have came with a donkey named George as well! So, if you decide you need another, I know of a free one here in Georgia!

  15. Oh I love it!!!! donkies are too cute!!! : )

  16. What a great birthday gift! Especially considering the rough time he had last year with his health. What a good, thoughtful wife you are -- even if you had to lie a little bit!!

  17. OHhhhh that is so cute! I love that last picture!

  18. Awwwww! You give the best birthday presents ever!

    That last photo is adorable!