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Friday, May 28, 2010

Stealing a moment

To let y'all know a few things before I go MIA.
Things are ticking along fairly well for The Big Move. Come 9am Monday we'll start moving, whether I'm done packing or not lol.
Seriously though there are a few things that if they don't get packed and moved Monday and Tuesday aren't that big a deal. After all the house isn't even listed for sale yet. We can come back and pick some of it up ourselves. I just want the mover's for the big stuff and the majority of the boxes.
Pie & I will probably not be sleeping at the new place the first night like I'd hoped. We would just have to get up WAY too early to meet the mover's at the city house for day 2 of The Move. That said if things progress faster than expected we may need to change that (but I'm not holding my breath)
I have my new mailing address and for some reason I was able to memorize my new postal code right away (zip code to you Americans). When we moved to the city house it took me FOREVER to remember it... sometimes I still stumble with it. Then today I realized that the new one starts S0L... hmmm, maybe I remember it because of a common abbreviation? lol
Weirdly happy about this - I get to keep my same phone number for our landline!! I've had this number since I was about 13 though so if I'd needed to learn a new one... yikes! ;)
Not sure when I'll have internet again after Monday. I hope it won't be TOO long. In the meantime I've decided to start using my Twitter account again and I've put a widget on the sideroll to show my tweets, which I can do from my bberry. This way if for some reason it is a long wait for internet I can still, sort of, keep in touch.
This is quite possibly the last post from me 'til after we move and I have internet again but I have written a couple posts that should *fingers crossed* autopost for me. I am hoping to squeeze in one more post but I'm waiting on a few details for that.


  1. Good Luck ! Hope the move goes smoothly

  2. Good luck with the move!

  3. It's tiring but exciting. Your own place with your horses out in your own pastures! Yay! Worth every packed box and broken dish.

  4. It`s all worth it! I`m green with envy!!

  5. Yeah! Yeah!! Hope it all goes well...

  6. 被人揭下面具是一種失敗,自己揭下面具卻是種勝利。..................................................

  7. So happy for you! All will go well. I just know it. We'll miss you and can't wait to hear how you get settled in...especially the horses. Yay!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just wanted to say thanks before I dove in head first to catching up here.

    Oh, and good luck with your move.

  9. Just now catching up on your blog. Good news on the move, that is very exciting! Nothing like your own place with all of your animals right there. Hope you are having fun!