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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother Nature...

must be trying to make amends for that horrible weather she sent us earlier this month. The past week was GORGEOUS. Sunny, warm, heck I even got a bit of colour! Today it almost hit 30! (Celsius my southern friends... that is about 85ish for you)
I was even able to take a bit of time for myself and go for a few rides during the week. Those will be sooo much easier to squeeze in after the big move!
Speaking of which, the time is sure speeding by. I still have to make arrangements for utilities at the new place. I really hope I can keep my phone number when we move... I've had it for over 20 years!! When I was about 13 my parents let me get my own private line in my bedroom and I paid the bill with my babysitting money. No matter where I've moved in Saskatoon and my hometown of Warman I've been able to keep that number. Not sure if I'll be able to keep it now though. Kinda sad, but silly too.
Actually the last couple days I've been feeling a bit of sadness mixed up with the excitement of moving. After all this house has been Home to me and Pie since just before we got engaged. We moved in here right before Christmas... our 2nd Christmas together (but the 1st one we actually spent together). I know its normal to feel a bit sad but don't worry, the excitement is definitely winning out - living on an acreage with my horses has been my dream all my life! lol
I am NOT expecting a birthday gift this year from Pie, moving will be good enough! lol But I've started looking around for something for him... something he really wants, although I'm not sure why. He wants a donkey. His birthday is in July so I've got some time to find one, AND to decide if its a good idea for us to get one! lol
Now I'm going to sneak some time to catch up on some blogs... oh and to say a prayer that this gorgeous weather lasts for awhile. I've got that Dave Manning clinic this weekend :)


  1. WOW! 30 deg! We still have 10c!!!!

    I was wondering where the sun was, this b****y Volcano ash! never mind, its all sent to try us!

  2. WOW! 30 deg! We still have 10c!!!!

    I was wondering where the sun was, this b****y Volcano ash! never mind, its all sent to try us!

  3. Glad you guys have some nice temps finally! We're due to hit 24C today... Has been nice all last week too. Dare I hope that the nice weather is here to stay? lol

    How cute that Pie wants a donkey! Hopefully it will work out for you guys to get one!

  4. 85F*? hehehe... CDN, I got enough color for th eboth of us (and Laura too I bet,) this weekend alone... it was in the 90's here, and the kids spent a total of about ummmmm 6 hours in the lake. And then about ummmm..... 3 or 4 hours fishing (and CATCHING!)

    I'm so glad it is raining

    Can't wait to see the move all done, and you, Pie, and the horses at HOME!! So exciting!!!

  5. We have been soaking up sun here in Alberta too, though we newed som rain it is getting very dry. Sad to leaave your old home , but you can take the memories with you !

  6. Very exciting news!! Moving isn't any fun, but just the thought of having a new place where your horses will be with you is the best!
    Sounds beautiful there, it's been nice here too, not in the 80's but upper 60's. I'll take it!
    That would be so cool if you got Pie a donkey!! I'd love to get one someday!

  7. Sometimes moving or starting a new chapter in your life can be so bittersweet. You've got so many memories and history in your old place. Be sure to take lots of photos before you move, especially photos of the two of you standing in front of your old home. You will treasure them.

    And then you'll move forward into your new lives full of excitement and promise.
    I'm so happy for you guys!

    And how cool. A donkey would be the best present ever!


  8. We decided to move into our new house too, so I'm with ya on the moving. I like the house we live in, but can't wait to move into the new house.

    Much joy in getting moved into you and Pie's new home. It sounds so perfect.