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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Mother Nature

My horses and dogs would like to know what the deal is? Seriously ma'am, what's your problem?
They said to tell you that you might think this is funny but its not.
They appreciated the nice weather and the longer days. They took your cue and started to shed out their coats.
And then the rain came. So then it was wet and cold.
Okay okay so "April showers bring May flowers".
What the heck does May snow bring?!
It brings grumpy, wet, cold critters.
Please bring back the sun.


  1. I hear you!! I am so tired of this cold, wet, windy miserable weather!! I just want some sun and heat and dry ground!

  2. Its the same here! Although the blossomis out, we`ve had frosts down to -3, unheard of for this time of year!

    Its cold, miserable and cloudy.

  3. Heck, I thought living that far north you could expect snow 10 months out of the year...LOL...Just Kidding!

    Weather has been making me crabby too. Darn wind. Everyone around here says it is usually not this bad. Of course, they all said the winter was unusually cold with a lot more snow than normal too.

  4. Yup we got snow here too, color me NOT impressed!

  5. ya snow here as well, and thats not so bad, its the WIND, yikes i hate going outside these days.

  6. OK, don't shoot me, *I* like it : )
    HOWEVER, it IS May for crying out loud!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  7. Ewwwwww, we have terrible winds and everyone is complaining. I think we should petition Ma Nature! We want our money back...or something!

  8. 能猜得出女人真實年齡的男人也許耳聰目明,但肯定毫無大腦。哈哈!..................................................

  9. I agree. Our snow and hail stopped, only to be replaced by super strong gusty wind. It reminds me of being on a beach during a storm, with the crashing waves sounding like our wind!

    They say that these odd weather patterns will just continue and this is what is meant by Gloabl Warming. The temperature of the world doesn't really seem to change much, but the slight changes are what cause our weather patterns to go crazy and be so abnormal.
    This sort of thing will just get worse year after year, I'm afraid.


  10. We've had hail the last 3 days. It accumulates to more than an inch on the ground at a time. I'm really glad I haven't put my veggie starts out yet. :(

  11. This weather is so frustrating. It's not just the horses that are grumpy. I'm not to happy with MN myself. LOL

    I don't know how far up you are or for that matter I'm not sure I know which province you are in but when I think of goofy weather in Canada I know that I saw snow in August in Red Deer one year. It was almost 100° and then snowing the next. Whenever I think of going back there to show, I remember that show. It was wild!