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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is it Contest Season?!

Sure seems that way... and a popular one seems to be the gift cards from CSN Stores. And whattaya know, I was offered a chance to participate! So of course I had to sneak online one more quick time to fill you in.
My choice was to do a review on a product or to give y'all a chance to win a gift card, of course I chose you guys! So hang on and at the end of the post is a contest... now to think of a contest while I ramble away ;)
I will totally admit that when I first got the e-mail I put it aside. I myself hadn't heard of CSN so I wasn't sure if it was legit. Add on the packing (and packing and more packing and stress) of moving and I just didn't have time to look into it.
Well the other day I stole a few moments of computer time and was catching up on e-mail, and there was that CSN one. So I checked it out and man oh man is there a lot of stuff! I made mental notes of some things that I want for the new place. Almost anything for house, yard and critters. Okay so they need a horse area but there is a spot for dog and cat items, and what horse person doesn't have a dog, a cat or both?
I have to say I was drooling over the lighting. Something I never thought I'd say!
(then again I never thought I'd suggest pots & pans as a gift for myself either lol)
But our new place is quite a lot darker inside due to smaller windows and lots of trees.
Track lighting seems to be leading the way for improving the basement. Did that make you cringe? When I think track lighting I used to think "ugly, old, outdated" but not after seeing some of the gorgeous fixtures at CSN. They've got a huge selection from classic to funky and more in between. Once I get settled in after the move I'll be spending some time narrowing it down to a couple I really like then I'll let Pie have his say. ;)
While I have him looking at lighting I'll get him to peek at the pet supplies and the fire pits and the porch swings... oh yeah and they have those pots & pans I want too. Really with 200+ stores we could do a lot of shopping online to dress up our little ranch :)

Okay folks here's the deal... for a chance to win a $40 gift certificate* good for any of the 200+ CSN Stores give your best guess at answering this:

Pie & I are adding at least one new critter when we move. We have talked about a few different options, both in RL, via blog and e-mail, so there is more than one "correct" answer. Tell me in the comments section what do you think the new addition will be?!
The contest will close at 11:59pm this coming Wednesday, June 2/10. I am hoping to have my internet hooked up and working by Wed. afternoon but to play it safe the winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday, June 4/10.

*just a note that there may be shipping fees or international charges. Something to keep in mind for the winner when they go shopping.

And now I'm off to yet more packing...


  1. A donkey of course!! I know Pie really wants one, so I know that is what you will get!!

  2. I would suggest a good barn cat. Preferably with stripes.

  3. Attack gorilla ;)

    Loves to yas!!

    (I totally LOVED the outdoor section on CSN myself..hehe... PINK GUN CASE BABY!!)

  4. nothing like a good farm dog - a heeler or a collie?

  5. Beef Cow! Who will give you babies to chase!

  6. i think you'll get another horse: )


  7. A donkey indeed! Gotta keep the coyotes away!

  8. Prolly a donkey, but I always thought a badger would be cool, sure would keep anyone away, lol

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  10. Interesting info Lisa. I have never heard of them myself. BUT I wanted to suggest a new peet anyways - contest or none.

    My first pick would be a Parakeet! Because I want one really bad right now myself and can't afford one :(

    Number would be a DOG!! I LOVE my dogs and don't have enough, and when we can afford more me and Hubby have already made plans to get another one or two...

  11. Oh, well, coyotes don't bother horses. Actually, my horses have kept my goats safe. I'm going with goat because they are entertaining and eat weeds and scrub. So, goat. And if one's not already on your list, I suggest them highly! Get the little ones, like pygmies. They're the most fun to watch, like little sumo wrestlers playing!

    Seriously, never thought I'd love goats, but I do!