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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well its officially spring on the calendar. Outside it seems to be a bit confused though.
Sure the horses and dogs are shedding out their winter coats but the weather is nice one day and cold & blustery the next.
As for me, well maybe I'm getting a bit of spring fever. Or maybe I'm just hopeful that this is the year we sell our place in the city and move out to the country. But I have a 'project' list a mile long... and a good part of that mile is to declutter and downsize all the "stuff" in our house.
(I have another 's' word for it but Pie doesn't like when I call it that, so its "stuff" lol)
Between the decluttering, spring cleaning and trying to get my horses and myself in shape for a clinic and the barrel racing season I am going to be a pretty busy lady. Oh yeah and then of course there is the regular, every day stuff to do too. So a heads up if I seem to be a bit MIA for the next while. Be assured even if I don't post/comment a lot that I am still popping in to see what's up with everyone! :)


  1. this weather is crazy! Friday the temp was in the 70's, Saturday morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow and it kept snowing ALL day!

  2. No matter where you live, there's always a list a mile long of things to do! Keep trudging forward and you'll get there. I hope you'll be able to get your dream of a place in the country this year!

    I'm glad too that you've got a good instructor and that you'll be improving your skills. She sounds like a great gal. Good luck!

  3. Samr here, the idea was that Spring means slightly warmer weather? Yesterday was great, the temp in the high 40`sF, today its just above freezing, and its sleat on the wind! Was going riding, I think another cup of coffee, night be the thing!

    Good Luck decluttering!

  4. Then come to my place and help me with the decluttering. The place doesn't look bad, but there's a bunch of stuff in the closets. I have already given away a bunch of clothes. I'd love to sell some of the other stuff on Craig's List, but nobody has any money (or nobody wants my stuff). I've had a couple things up there for a month and only one spam bite so far.

  5. March is the month where you can get just about all the different kinds of weather. Makes it frustrating when its warm one day and a blizzard the next! Decluttering will keep you busy though; and remember the rule- if you haven't used it for a year, you don't need it!

  6. Our weather has been goofy too. Nice one day, then cold and rainy the next. We are living in a mud pit right now. Our goats and horses are shedding as well -- so that means it won't be long till we get some nice days, perhaps even a few in a row!

  7. Good for you having those lists to plan and work on. I'm so afraid of not coming through and accomplishing stuff that I don't even make lists anymore......then I don't worry if stuff gets done....or not. lol!

    I know...I know...pretty lame, but it works for me. hah!

    I hope you're able to complete all of the tasks on your list...and the move to the country materializes this year!


  8. Decluttering and downsizing is FUN! Especially when you're motivated to move... good luck with it!