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Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Update

Just a few things to catch y'all up on:
Pie and I are both down for the count with "the creeping crud". Thought mine was allergies brought on by decluttering (ooooh the dust!) and spring cleaning. Guess maybe it started that way but I do believe its now evolved to the CC.
Pie went to the doctor today, and I went with him 'cuz you know guys - NOT great at passing on info! lol We got the results of his A1C and its down to 7.8!! Very good news, the previous test was 8.4 and when he was in the hospital last year it wasn't even on the darn chart (I believe it was in the 12's or 13's) The goal is to get it down to between 6 and 7. His cholesterol is a teeny bit high, actually just barely over normal but they prefer to keep a diabetic's on the lower side of normal.
We also talked to Dr N about the CC. Because of Pie's history the doc is treating this "cold" aggressively, even before we know for sure what it is. Dr N ordered a chest x-ray and a heavy duty cough syrup. When I coughed while the doc was there I was told to take some of that cough syrup at night too. (probably a good idea, its been getting nasty) Being that Pie's lungs sounded good and his sugar is staying stable we're very hopeful that its nothing too serious.

The decluttering... ugh. I'm making progress but with being knocked on my butt with the CC its slow going. Kinda frustrated that Pie isn't able to help me more but between him being sick and working with NO days off... well I gotta let the guy rest when he can.

My lesson on Thursday was awesome. Voodoo knows a lot more than he's letting on, which isn't too surprising. I figure from talking to his former trainer that he's the kinda guy that is more than willing to take up bad/lazy habits if given the opportunity. Nanette has been helping me see through some of his shenanigans. He now is more willing to stay in a nice frame. But for the last few lessons our lope transitions were pretty yucky. He'd go into them with a wild toss of the head and then settle into his frame. Well this past Thursday we were going in and out of our lope with a nice, level headset :)
I'm still working on my shoulders though. Even when I have good posture in the saddle I ruin it with my shoulders being all hunched forward. Part of the boobilicous curse. But I am learning a new concept to me, using my shoulders instead of my hands. Liking the results with that.

Penning is over. Just ended suddenly. Our cows got sold on us so not yesterday but the Sunday before was the end of penning. Its okay, I should really use that time around the house. Not to mention sorting will start soon.


  1. You 2 take care up there!!!! And PIE!! DUDE!!! Way To Go On the A1C man! Totally most fricken excellent news there. Keep it up!!!

    Keep us posted when you can.. no luck on finding a replacement for the line cook huh?

  2. Sorry you guys are not feeling so well. Glad to hear about Pie!! Great news!!

  3. Sounds great for Pie, my cholestorol was through the roof a while ago, had to lose a few pounds. Not only that, blood pressure wasnt too good either. Tell Pie to keep going its not easy, but worth it. Good Luck

  4. Geez, if you got sick from spring cleaning maybe I can skip mine. Just what I needed, an excuse. LOL I so hate housework!

    Hope you guys feel better soon.

  5. Boobalicious?! lol! Too funny!

    Sometimes a door closes and another one opens and it's just the right timing. Sounds that way for you with the penning and sorting...and feeling sick.

    I'm sorry you and Pie have the CC. Bummer. You both need time to heal, rest and feel better. So take it easy, k?


  6. Hope you both fell better soon, and don't be doing too much until it passes! Except maybe horse stuff.... sounds like Voodoo and you are going to be a darn good team this year.

  7. Lots going on. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

    I don't know if I am ever going to finish getting this house decluttered. MH apparently has a bit of a collecting problem.

    I'm a pack rat myself, but I know exactly what I have and where it is.

    Sounds like the lessons are going well. Excellent job. Won't barrel racings start pretty quick for you?

  8. I was wondering about that with Voodoo - doesn't seem naughty, but heck if he can save himself some energy why not.

    I am de-cluttering too - I enjoy it. Makes me feel better when when its done.

  9. So sorry you are feeling well.
    When you're done with your house, come on over! I really, really want to declutter but I am in a deep mental rut and just can't seem to get motivated.

  10. Wow! You certainly have your work cut out for you...and it is really not easy when you are not feeling well. You should take some of that cough medicine -- it may help. Try to get some rest.....