Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 at a time, 2 ways

So the first '3 at a time' is to get you guys all caught up on how the last three team pennings have been going.
As you may have seen this past penning I took a bunch of pictures (see the Sunday Stills numbers post). The arena was booked by another group this past Sunday so penning was moved to Saturday. I couldn't ride because I work Saturday evenings but I went out to watch and cheer on everyone, and take photos :) Not only did I get some that I liked for the numbers challenge but I also got some that will probably be featured as Wordless Wednesdays (tomorrow is one of them)
The two Sundays prior I rode Applejack. For now I'm riding Voodoo at an indoor on Thursday and Applejack at penning, in a few weeks I'll probably switch that. So both boys are getting at least one good workout, plus whatever outdoor riding time I (and the weather) can manage to fit in.
The first of the Sundays Applejack added saddle bronc to the penning, little sneak didn't even give me a head's up that it was in the program for the day! lol
I took a good look at his back when I was untacking and noticed my saddle is putting some pressure on him. It usually fits pretty well but he has put on a LOT of weight this winter. For now I'm borrowing one of Kimfer's saddles as they are a bit wider.
When I took him the next week he did still buck, but it was one of his frustration bucks. As in "I know what the heck I'm doing mom let me do it my way!!" Too bad Mr Smarty Pants wasn't paying attention to the right cow or I would have let him do it his way. Guess I'll have to teach him the numbers 0-9 for that to work.
(its a common conversation with us, usually only includes the bucking the first couple times. its just a good thing he doesn't buck too hard lol)
When I untacked his back looked much better, so until he loses some of that weight Kimfer said we could keep using her saddle.
And the 2nd way for the '3 at a time'... well at the first of these three pennings, where Applejack was being a total goober, we managed to get all three of our cows at once! I was very excited, I'm a total rookie and that I was the team member that cut out all 3 cows together and ran them up to the pen - WOW. A bit of a rush!
Even more so because it was with my second team and my first team actually got a re-ride because Applejack was being so bad. (its a very low-key "for fun" club, I believe a re-ride is against actual penning rules)
And to end that day of penning on another good note, my team from the second half placed 2nd in the jackpot! I was joking that nobody wanted to get stuck with me on their team (teams are drawn) because of how bad Applejack was being.


  1. What is Applejack's favorite sport, I know you barrel race on him too. Where is he the happiest?

  2. Congratulations on getting the 3 cows!! You Rock! I swear, you are the coolest cowgirl!

  3. Thats so awesome and congrats on getting the three cows!

  4. Pretty cool about getting the 3 cows - i so wish I could've watched that!

    On Applejack I have been reading about you and him for a while now and you know I would never say anything to upset or hurt you - so this is what I think.

    I think Applejack is a sweetie at heart but he is also a stinker when he thinks he can get away with it. I don't think there is anything wrong with your saddle (I could be wrong and have been before). I just have this feeling - he one of those ones that never really means anything by it - but give him a little excuse and he'll sneak in a buck or something with you.

    I'd just spank his ass and move on, knowing that he'll probably do it again someday...

    Does round penning prior to riding help?

  5. Wahooo! What fun you've been having! Youare much braver than I riding a saddle bronc. Even a little buck is scary for me. gah!

    And you are so far removed from being a rookie, my friend.
    Now if I went in and did team penning.....that would be the definition of a rookie! hehe!


  6. I would love to try team penning sometime. It's look like such a hoot. I announced for it one time and had great fun watching.

  7. @Stephanie - oh yeah, he's a total little brat at times! lol (Appytude remember?)
    Saddle fit was a bit of an issue, he is very chubby this year due to how the feed was 'handled' at the barn where I board. I could tell the difference in HOW he bucked with the different saddles. Also the sweat patterns with my (less wide) saddle were not good. He should come into shape pretty good now that I will hopefully be able to ride more.

    He's done this same 'attitude' bucking in the past. Usually just takes a time or two of getting on his case and he stops. What seems to work is to get his head and stop the bucking. Then make him plant his ass and turn, turn, turn, HARD. Even if its just small circles not a real spin.

    Any time he gives me too much attitude (even if its not bucking) he has to work harder than whatever we were doing. Whether its sidepassing instead of moving forward, tight serpentines instead of a large circle. Then he realizes its sooo much easier to be lazy and behave.

    ps - of course I know you wouldn't try to hurt my feelings! :)


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