Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stills - the next challenge: Numbers

Welcome to this week's Sunday Stills. Our challenge, numbers. Actual numbers, not a number of things.
Now numbers surround us in our world, but what to take pictures of? I wanted something that I didn't think everyone else would be putting up (and probably doing a much better job than I would! lol) Ah-ha, team penning! A bit of a challenge at times with the action but the perfect place to find numbers.
And I challenged myself a bit more, I decided to step out of my comfort zone... I left the little Nikon S210 at home and used my 'big girl' camera (the Nikon D90) for this one! Okay so the truth is my S210 had dead batteries lol. But the point is I am finally debuting the D90. And while I didn't go so brave as to go full out manual I didn't use it completely as a point and shoot, so yes there were a lot of not good shots. But that's okay, I'm just happy with some of the ones I did get (some will be up for the next few Wordless Wednesdays).
Okay enough rambling on. Here you are, remember I am a complete amateur but I'd still like to hear you think! (my personal fav is the 4th one)


  1. I think you did great! I don't know exactly what #6 is but I think that is just too cool!
    That's my favorite!

  2. I'm with Lisa; I think the counter is the best shot.Try tweaking the contrast in it. you got some decent indoor shots, they're hard to take. Good job! Better keep using that camera!

  3. That leather counter is cool, I have never seen one of those before.

  4. A counter...makes sense now! Great job with your camera...keep on keepin' on with it. Yes, the 4th photo is very good...I agree.

  5. I've never seen a counter like that either — please blog about it for us non-team penners (I assume that's what it's used for).

  6. Great job! I'm curious what that one is with the vertical numbers and the silver things to one side or the other? Seems like some kind of tracking thing maybe.

    Love the photos!

  7. Very nice, I'm with everyone else the counter thing is really cool..:-)

  8. The cattle counter is nice, I'm glad you gave us more detail in the next post!


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