Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Pie had a doctor's appointment today. Not just some random doc at a walk-in/minor emergency clinic. But an actual, honest to goodness appointment.
Sure, his dad tells him he needs an appointment he goes. I tell him and he fights it. Go figure.
Well this time I tagged along, right into the room. No sitting in the waiting room for me. I wanted to hear first hand what the doc had to say (Pie is not the best at passing along what he's been told) and to ask any questions of my own, and to also give any info that Pie didn't think of.
Incidentally Pie is looking for a family doctor of his own. The last one was a pill pusher and didn't really pay attention to the patient.
ie Pie would go in with cold like symptoms and without checking him out at all - no looking at the throat or listening to the chest - wham out came the prescription pad.
This new doctor took the time to listen to our questions, even the silly ones (such as those to do with swallowing or inhaling pet hair) and to the history, as we see it, of what's been happening.
He also took the time to answer the questions, and not dismissively. He also took what is going on with Pie seriously, didn't dismiss it as just a cold or a recent bout of something or other. He noted that its an on-going problem that is steadily getting worse.
I was so impressed that I'm thinking of leaving my doc and going to him. Which for me is pretty huge, I've always had female doctors. But lately mine has had that dismissive attitude. I know she's busy but really sometimes I feel like a number!
Back to Pie, the doctor ordered a whole bunch of blood tests, both to do with Pie's diabetes and this 'condition', as well as urine tests. He may get x-rays yet but the ones a week and a half ago were clear.
So far the theory we're working with is that Pie has a major infection and his diabetes is making things worse. This may be one long, resistant infection that has had dormant periods and then flares up again.
The pet hair swallowing/inhaling was dismissed (hah!).
Allergies are quite far down the 'possibles' list but still there. Just above allergies is Hantavirus, which was something that I brought up.
I've been trying to figure out what changes we've had in the last 2-3 years (approx. how long this has been going on). Then I realized, our home is on a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city. Or at least it was. A few years ago they started developing the fields across the freeway from us. And ever since then we've had a major mouse problem in our garage (which is NOT attached to the house thank goodness!)
When I explained this to the doc he said that Hantavirus is not common in our area, especially in the city. When I explained these are not regular city house mice, but wild deer mice he thought it was worth considering.
But for now here we sit, waiting.
I've been trying to act like its no big deal, but I'm starting to get worn out and today I pretty much cracked. I was talking to my sis-in-law and just couldn't help it, I cried. To be honest I've cried a lot today. I just hope all this waiting pays off for a change.

Okay anyone who's stuck with me this long... I really REALLY want to thank all my blog friends for their support. You guys are awesome and I am so appreciative of your support, encouragement and prayers. Please keep the prayers for Pie's health coming!


  1. I'm glad you found a good doctor. There's nothing worse than one who doesn't listen. I'll keep praying for Pie.

  2. Amen on the new Doc!!! Keep us posted girl, and know that we are all thinking of both you guys. Huge hugs to you both!!!

  3. I hope the tests turn up something that you guys can treat!

    Keep thinking positively - this will resolve itself - I can feel it.


  4. Wow, I hope that everything works out. Sounds like thee is a good dr. and that Pie is getting listened too. Soo nice!

  5. I know what you mean about the doctors, always feel like a number these days!
    I sure hope they can figure out what is going on with Pie! And soon! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

  6. So glad you guys found a doctor that will listen and take what you are saying seriously. With Pie having diabetes things are different for him. Hopefully they will come up with an explaination and a way to get these reaccuring illnesses stopped.

    And hopefully that will reduce your stress as well. You have obviously been very worried about Pie for some time and finally getting someone to listen and getting to be involved has to make you feel better too.

  7. I am so happy that you've found a doctor that will listen and run tests without having to be bullied into it...I just really hope that it is nothing too serious and something that can be treated easily. My thoughts are with you guys, keep your chin up!

  8. Everyone needs a good cry, we all crack at some point. Glad you guys found a good doc! although right now I like the pill pushing doc, I guess I'm still young/dumb enough :-p gosh I hope you get anwers soon and that it's good news! *jingles!*

  9. A doctor that listens is SO important. You wouldn't believe how many things just get over looked because patients and doctors don't ask more questions. You were smart to go in with your hubby and ask your own questions. I hope they figure out what's wrong with your sweetie. Nothing is more frusterating than not having answers and no one trying to help you figure them out.

    And crying, sometimes that clears out the webs and helps solve things. I don't know how many times I've been down in the dumps about situations and after reaching my breaking point and crying, things seem to start clearing up and go much much better quickly. I hope the same happens for you guys. Keep strong :)

  10. More jingles and prayers and some hugs too.


  11. Hey there...I have been gone for a few weeks, and am intrigued by your dilemma. Hopefully you have some answers by now?

    About Pie's could very well be cuased by allergies if it ONLY happens when he is around animals, but it is not caused by inhaling their hair; rather it is caused by an allergic reaction-thus inflammation-to their dander.
    This sounds gross, and I used to be a nurse so don't worry about grossing me out, but what color is his phlegem? mother actually had Hanta virus and she coughed nonstop. Nothing would make it go away, and she literally had white, foamy, stuff that would come bubbling up out of her lungs. She was finally diagnosed with a lung biopsy.

    There is still the chance that he has an infection, but is there ever a fever, yellow, green, or brown mucuous, and is he having trouble maintaining his blood sugar levels?

    On another note...glad that you found a doctor who will actually listen to you. That is always priceless, right? :)

  12. Well, I hope you get an answer soon and whatever treatment Pie needs to feel better again. Until then hang in there and your blogger friend will say a little prayer, well, at I know I will! :)


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