Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Team sorting on Sunday was soooo much fun. And not just because I won some money.
Yup, you heard right, Applejackers and I placed 2nd in the jackpot after the regular sorting! :O

Kimfer's uncle couldn't make it because of 'family commitments' so just the two of us girls went. And for the first time Kimfer and I got drawn on a team together. My other two teams were with Susan and Kathy. All my teams got cattle sorted in the first half.
Unfortunately Kimfer noticed Baron wasn't quite working right during her 2nd team so I lent her Applejack for her 3rd team. Lending her my horse wasn't a big deal but we were kinda stuck after lunch when we rode together. Until Holly came to the rescue and lent Kimfer Two X 2 (her horse). Wendy noticed Kimfer had put Baron away and lent her a Paint mare (sorry no name) that she'd brought along so Kimfer was covered for the rest of the day.
Kimfer and I had a clear round the 2nd go, as did Susan and I (I think) but Kathy and I had an oops - got a little too risky and trash got through.

Because there weren't a ton of people this week things went very quickly so Bev & Doug announced that there would be a $5 jackpot for anyone interested. Pretty much everyone joined so it paid to two places. Kathy and I were drawn on a team, Kimfer was with Ace and Holly and Wendy were together (I don't remember who was on the other teams).
This jackpot was in two go's. There were four teams that got all 10 sorted in the time limit, with only 10 seconds separating 1st from 4th! Kathy & I were not one of those teams, we had a tricky cow that really slowed us down and I think we had 6 sorted before we ran out of time.
We ran second last so during the 2nd go I was really watching, and I noticed that a lot of those teams that had all 10 cows ended up disqualified. I was starting to think that maaaybe we had a chance.
When we went in for our 2nd go we had one or two sorted and working on the next one. Can't remember exactly what happened but we were starting to play a little risky when I heard a voice in the judges stand say "You guys have to be safe!" followed by a "ssshhh!!!"
That really got my wheels turning and I was pretty sure I had been right, we were in it!
We still went for it but not quite as risky, and ended up with 8 cattle sorted (the 9th one was halfway through the gate when the whistle blew).
The last team ended up disqualified.
After a few minutes the results were announced, Holly & Wendy had won (not surprised, they sorted all 10 both go's) and Kathy & I were second!!


  1. Awesome...and congratulations. It's always nice to win a little moo-lah!;)

    I love the way you describe everything-it's pretty much like being right there.

  2. Congrats! Sounds like fun! You need someone there to take pics! I want to see the action!

  3. Way to go! Sounds like a great day, and even better when a some money gets thrown in!
    I watched a team sorting, I would love to try it someday, that would mean I would have to get those darn horses of mine use to cows. Maybe someday!!

  4. So fun for you!! Someday I will reach that point...

  5. Woot! Woot! Way to go AppleJack and Lisa!! It sounded so exciting! I would have loved to see some pics, too.


    ps, I was grinning when I saw your blog and another one of my blog friend posted at the same time, right next to each other, with the exact same title, "Oh My Gosh!"


    (Is that cool, or what?)

  6. Right on! That is so cool! You need a groom to go with you and take some pictures! Wish I lived closer so I could go watch/help out...

  7. How cool!! Good thing they tossed in that last part for you :)) I did team penning at a ranch once, had no clue what we were doing and we were horrible at it, but it was a blast. I'd love to do it again some day. You are so lucky with all the things you get to do :) I love reading all about it.

  8. Team sorting sounds like so much fun - do you like it more than barrel racing?

    Also have to say 2X - is a name? Very unique... have to ask because I have misunderstood things before...(LOL - remembering the last one...)

  9. Congratulations!!! I have only done sorting a handful of times, and it is no easy feat. :)

    PS-Applejack is looking mighty handsome in that pic below....

  10. WoooooooHooooo!!! Nice goin' gal! Sounds like a blast! Do you have many more coming up?

  11. How fun and some money to boot! What a great day...wa no pics?!

  12. Hi
    How wonderful for you Applejack and Lisa too:)
    Congrats to you both.
    What a great time .
    Blessings of joy to oyu .
    Happy Trails


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