Monday, June 8, 2009


I am reaching out to my blog friends, especially those with any medical knowledge, for a rather strange question.
If you've read the post below you'll know that Pie is sick, again. He tends to get these chronic 'colds', for lack of a better word, that involve very harsh coughing, phlegm and trouble breathing (he's usually given some kind of inhaler).
Here is where my question comes in - other than being allergies, is it possible this is caused by the dogs and cats? (we have 2 of each and they live in the house) My father-in-law is very 'old country' and anti-pet. He insists that Pie gets sick because of the dogs and cats. That he (Pie) must have breathed in the pet hair.
Is this even possible?!? And if so then why the heck don't I get sick as often, or as bad, as Pie? After all I'm home a LOT more than he is.
It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't have a super clean house, yes there are dust bunnies and pet hair to be found. But really? Allergies I get, but this theory... help!


  1. Heh! Quite the theory. I have allergies coming out the hoo haa mostly to things I like (like the dog who sleeps with me) and no you can't get sick. What it can do is mess up your sinuses. So... this is kinda gross but works wonders... Get a neti pot or even a 3 m syringe. Mix up 1 litre of water, 1 tbsp of salt and 1 tsp of baking soda. Shoot it up you nose (yes it drains out so do it over a sink), this keeps any junk from getting stuck in the sinus cavity - and - it's Dr. recommended. Do it twice a day. Wonders for the allergies.

    You can also get a prescription for a nasal steroid (Nasonex) which keeps it from getting inflamed.

    And I take anti-histamines each day.

    Great Chinese cough syrup is called Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (Herbal Cough Syrup) that no word of a lie will EAT any and all flem balls in his throat-chest. I can buy it at health food stores in Alberta.

    As to the barrel horse - how far are you willing to travel - you want a prospect right? (I'm selling mine but he can be a jerk and based on what I've read he wouldn't fit you - but he'd make an outstanding barrel horse. lol) I do know quite a few varied horse types. Sask included in that. lol

    Wow - long comment today. Hope it helps and if it doesn't please disregard it! :)

  2. CG - I love that Nin Jiom cough syrup, its the one that I usually use. Not sure if its safe for Pie though (he's diabetic) And I use my Neti Pot regularly, its done wonders for my sinuses! Not sure if I could convince Pie to try it lol
    Pie's symptoms don't seem like allergies to me. If that's what it is though we'll have to figure out how we'll deal with it. But it really doesn't seem like allergies. And my FIL's theory that its inhaled cat & dog hair just seems odd. I suppose it could happen but I've been doing some surfing on the internet and can't find any such thing.

    Barrel horses hey? Hmmm... where are you located?

  3. I'm near Edmonton but I seriously have horse contacts all over the place (from breeders to rodeo to ranch to show - mostly AQHA or Arab but some are Appy and Paint). (Boyfriend rodeos Pro and CCA - so he's knows a lot of people also.)

    Do you have health link in Sask - you can call and ask them about the cough syrup.

    Oh - after thought - wouldn't hair be too big to get through the nose hairs, sinus cavities into the lungs? lol Just a thought. :)

  4. CG - small world! My sis lives in Sherwood Park and I was just there last month!
    I'm looking for a horse to barrel race, work cows (team sorting) and trail ride. Good worker, not a dead head but not too hot.

  5. I get allergies from grass and pollen, not animals. I worked with alot of people that get allergies and they don't get an actual cold. It's scratchy, watery eyes, runny nose. But not a cough. I doubt Pie is allergic to animals. I've had people with cat allergies come into my house, I have 5 cats, and they do ok as long as they aren't touching my cats. But allergies are different in everyone.
    Hope Pie is feeling better real soon and hope it gets figured out even sooner!

  6. It's also possible he's allergic to hidden things like dust mites, spores, molds and fungus. Try and narrow it down. What times of year are worse than others? Is he worse at night or the day? Does it get better when he goes to work?

    It could also be that he has a super low grade resistant infection that they're not knocking out of him. Those can hang on for years.

    I wouldn't send the pets packing just yet ;-)

  7. I have to agree more with Leah on this one CDN.

    At any rate, I sure hope Pie gets better quick.

    Hugs to you both girl!

    Oh!! I caught an episode of MANTRACKER last week. What a blast! I loved it! (And of course, now I can not remember what channel I watched it on, nor when it's on

  8. Hey Lisa, Gawd! I'm a moron. I didn't connect your full name with your blog, duh! LOL. Anyway, it's not the pet hair that a person is allergic to. It is the saliva and/or pet dander which is not visible. And YES you can get sick like Pie is from allergies. Some are mild & others are not. I also have to agree with Leah & Mrs.Mom as far as it could be a number of things, even outdoor things & it must be narrowed down. Has he ever tried an allergy med, Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritan. Does he get any relief with an antihystamine (Benedryl, etc.)? Watch for patterns, Is there a season that he suffers more with it (Spring,Fall)? Can't be the pet hair literally, but could be the pets, pets lick their hair=saliva. Good luck with this, but I would look for patterns and see if he can try a few different samples of allery meds, not all at the same time, Zyrtec is supposed to be good for pet allergies. If he can trythem, try them at 2 week intervals. Does he have any other known allergies, like eggs, fish or seafood?, food allergies can show as puke after eating too.

  9. Maybe it's like what i have. They called it Re-active Airway. It's like I can never have a little cold - it always turn into this big upper respiratory mess whenever I get sick. That why since been sick for like half the year last year I have been such a freak about being around sick people and washing my hands and what not.

    When I cough it irritates my lungs and airway and they get inflamed and produce mucus - which makes me cough more which makes my lungs and airway worse which make me cough worse - so you see it's a vicious cycle that is really hard to break. It's like your own body is keeping you sick. Whenever I get sick it's like for 2 months then once when I get better it really easy to relapse at that point so you have to be really careful.

  10. Needless to say,can Pie see an allergist and/or a Pulmonologist? Maybe you & he can get some answers & some proper treatment if you head into a specialty area rather than the regular Doc or get a referal, since this seems to be ongoing. Again good luck.

  11. Also the neti pot, which Country Girl suggests is very much recommended.

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  13. Horses - I know of a seasoned AQHA mare (15) who is a do anything kind of horse. She'll been hauled (barrel, steer wrestling), done ranch work, will do what you ask of her for $10 000. Fletcher's of Wainwright might have something that would suit you - they have a very good reputation and nice horses. Everybody does ranch work, most team rope and the girls run ABRA. Bought a started (not finished) rope horse from them and he was awesome - very sensible. I paid $5000 for the gelding so that might be more in your price range. Thompson's of Ardrossan have (I think) a BL Whiz Kid gelding, started on the reining end. He's big and has the build and movement to make a barrel horse - not sure about his brain though. There's a gelding ranch/working horse sale in Lacombe in July that might be worth while to check out - add on Just a few thoughts - send me an email if you want some phone numbers. Nugent's always have stuff for sale (Water Valley).

    While I would totally love to sell my gelding he's so not appropriate for what you want. lol He's not an easy horse.

  14. My Dad has those same symptoms when he gets around cats and grass being cut, pollen and mold.

    He's terribly allergic to the cat dander, not the hair, though. We help him a little before he comes to visit by washing the pets and brushing them every day, in our bedroom, during his visit. And he takes shots and daily meds for allergies.

    He didn't get such severe allergies until he was in his 60's. I sure hope that doesn't happen to me. I can't imagine life without my pets. :(

    I sure hope Pie feels better soon and hyou all get to the bottom of what it is that is making him so sick.



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