Saturday, June 27, 2009

Loooong day

So today it happened. Pie was admitted to the hospital.
We went to the doctor this afternoon, Pie is still showing most of the same signs as before but he is having more shortness of breath and his heart pounds when he does almost anything.
The doctor said (basically) That's it! Enough messing around, go to the hospital where they can do more tests and monitor you.
So we did. We got there around 2:30 this afternoon. Waited about an hour to (start) being seen. When I left at almost midnight he still didn't have a room. But he is admitted.
From the sounds of it he'll be there til at least Monday.
His blood sugar is very high and being treated with insulin, he'll probably be on that from now on instead of his pills.
But, for the time, of more concern is the cough/breathing difficulty etc.
There is 'something' on his lung in the x-ray. Until more definitive tests can be done they are not certain what it is.
Terms like bacterial infection, fungal infection, tuberculosis, auto immune disease, cancer, etc are all being tossed out.
I have to confess, I'm scared you guys. Please keep us in your thoughts.

And because I have to try to keep a sense of humour... I thought I'd share a prime example of sleazy with y'all:
I stopped at work to fill our family in on what's going on (besides the numerous phone calls and text messages from throughout the day). On my way out one of the bar regulars corners me in the lobby to 'say hi'.
He asked why I looked so sad and I told him Pie is still sick and was admitted to the hospital.
He says he should come home with me to make sure I get tucked into bed ok.
I assured him I was fine, tried to laugh like it was a joke.
He offered again, and again. All the while calling Pie his 'good friend'.
Oh, and this whole conversation took place with him looking NOT at my eyes... creep.

ps - that new horse is still nameless :o


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Pie being admitted to the hospital! But that is probably the best place for him right now, until they can figure out what is going on! You and Pie are in my thoughts and prayers! Please get better soon Pie!!
    That freak at your work, yuck! How disgusting!
    You have a lot on your mind right now, with Pie. You will name that horse when Pie is better!

  2. Oh No! Poor Pie! Poor you! Don't worry. There is nothing you can do right now, but wait. I know how hard that is, believe me. But just try to let go, and not worry. Just trust that everything will be alright. You both are in my thoughts.


  3. Oh yah...just in case you didn't see these suggestions I came up with your new handsome boy, here they are again:

    How about Ebony?
    Black Jack would suit him perfectly (remember the famous black QH, the last of the US Army military horses, that went on to serve as the 'Riderless Horse'?

    What do you think about Knight or Knight Rider (sounds like Night!)?

    Or Goliath would be fun...remember that gorgeous black horse from 'LadyHawke'?

    Remember that black horse, in National Velvet? His name was Pie!

  4. Prayers for you and Pie rolling along girl. Pie is a tough bugger- have faith that he'll fight his way through! Keep us posted when you can, but know that we'll be thinking of you out here in the blogoshpere, and praying for you both!

    Kisses to the ponies from us...

  5. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't getting better for Pie. Prayers and hugs for you both. Hopefully now that he has been admitted they can figure out what is going on.

    On the subject of the new horse, names are a funny thing. It seems something either pops into my head immediately or not. One time I bought a palomino/overo gelding, that I named Choctaw. Before long it had changed to Chief. And not long after that it changed to D.A. That one stuck, but when I sold him, I didn't tell the new owner that was his name. Because it was an abbreviation for Dumb A**. That might have been a little hard to explain.:O-LMAO

  6. I hope they find the problem quickly,and that Pie is soon on the road to recovery. As to the lecherous drunk, I probably would have told him straight up that any true friend of Pie's would not have been trying to seduce his wife, and that he should have been ashamed of himself. And the only reason I would have been so nice is because he's a regular customer normally I would have escorted him to the door on the toe of my boot!(My husband used to own a liquor store and I had to deal with my fair share of creeps.)

  7. Oh dear, I hope he's ok. I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

  8. Oh, darn it! Will be thinking of you and Pie. That just sucks, but hopefully they'll be able to get a handle on things better with him right there.


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