Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good news all around

Mr Horse Dentist is in our area and came to do our horses yesterday.
He was a little bit late for our 3:30 appointment (arrived at 7:15) He apologized a LOT but I told him that when I knew where he was going before us that he'd be late. (I was right, his 4 or 5 horses to do turned out to be almost 15 head).
Kimfer had to work so I took care of her 2 and our 2.
Mr HD said Cessa should be okay, not too much left to work with there. And super good news, Applejack's teeth are dang near perfect! (If nothing goes wrong he should live a good long life with teeth like those **knocking wood**)
Baron didn't need done but Isis did. She's young and a tad parrot mouthed so Kimfer's keeping a close eye on her chompers.
Oh, and Mr HD watched Cessa as I turned her out... he said, "She sure is a nice mover. Even at her age!".

Then Kimfer called me with good news today, as of Dec. 1 she will be starting a new job! :)
She really needed to get out of her job. Her co-workers are a bunch of... well, can't think of a "nice" way to describe them. Plus its physically taking a toll on her. (She works in manufacturing, 'big' equipment such as wind towers for oil fields)

And best of all, for me at least, is that my darn cold is basically gone! (except for my cough which always lingers)


  1. Yay!
    Good chomper visit.
    Cold is almsot bye-bye

    and Kimfer is free of those old rusty chains from her past job!

    Great post full of positive stuff :)

    New Mexico

  2. Hey glad you cold is gone!

    I haven't gotten one in a good 3 weeks - longest stretch I have been well since the end of July!

  3. I always figure that the further you go into a vet/dentist/ferriers day the longer you will have to wait...I think that with every appointment you have to ad ten minutes to how late they will be! LOL... Sounds like your guys have good teeth!

    Yay! for Kimfer! Us women need to look after ourselves better.

  4. Aw good for Cessa for show'n off some of her moves! Glad they all got a good toofies report.

    Congrats Kimfer on the new job and to you Lisa for kicking your cold to the curb!


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