Monday, November 24, 2008

For Lisa (aka Twinville)

Here's to a speedy recovery. Hope you are feelin' better soon! Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch is going through a bad spell. So much so that she took an ambulance ride to the hospital!
Lydia created this cute card on her blog and encouraged those of us how follow Lisa's adventures to post the card on our blogs. Here are the instructions as posted by Lydia -
Instructions:This card is extremely important. It is to be passed around the blogger world and not to be tampered with. Lisa's recovery is so important to me, and so many other people, and even though she is already doing much, much better, I'm sure we ALL want to keep her recovery going smoothly.
So, please TAKE THE CARD! :P
Post it on your blog and post these instructions. (That it is to be passed around everywhere)
Yes, I love the picture too! I think it's very cute! Also kind of scary...
So, please, participate and take the card, pass it on, ect.


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  2. I had to delete my previous post 'cause my fingers made too many typos! :D
    I'm laughing so hard right now I can hardly type! LOL!!

    Thanks for being such a good sport and posting this pony critter. lol! And thanks for the well wishes. It's very sweet of Lydia.

    But I have to admit the pony reminds me of those stress dolls that people squeeze and their eyes bulge out! hehehe

    Thanks for the huge smile, my friend :)

  3. Ah oh! What happened?

    I know all about feeling like crap...I hope you are feeling soon!

  4. Lisa
    I had a keychain like that! Actually a couple, a cow and a horse. Kinda creepy lol

  5. Awww!! My friend is having painfull foot surgery today and that would PERFECT for her, where did she get that?? I think it's cute!

  6. What a sweetheart you are!!! I love that pony! It reminds me of Sienna (our pony). That is just what they look like when they look up at!!!

    Get better soon, Lisa!!


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