Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Have a Winner!

This is pretty much the mantra I've had training Lefta on barrels.  I've brought her along really slow, focusing on correct and toward the end of last season I started asking for some run.
The last jackpot I entered was in September, and the last time I did any barrel work with Lefta would have been September or October.
There are some winter jackpots this winter at Prairieland, which is also where we have our SBRA provincial finals so anytime you can get in that arena and make a run is a bonus.  I've been wanting to take Lefta but most of them are on Saturdays and seeing as I have team penning Saturday evenings it can make for a bit of a full day.
This Saturday though I decided to go ahead and go.  One of my boarders was going and Lefta and I hitched a ride with her.
It sure didn't seem like she'd had time away from the barrels.  She didn't run really hard, she's still figuring that part out but she sure looks for those turns.  She turns really nice, pretty much anytime she makes a run someone comments on how pretty and correct her turns are lol  Now to keep them nice while adding speed ;) 
We placed in the 3D in both jackpots, 2nd in the first jackpot and won it in the second one!  My little girl's first win!


  1. That's so exciting! Yay Lefta! I agree correct is always better than fast to start


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