Thursday, January 14, 2016

So this happened...

A week and a half ago we went to pick up my Christmas present...
Fuegos Cuda Girl
The Hubster and I had a good chat early this winter about what our plans and dreams are for the future.  I told him that I want to do better and have better horses.  We talked about things we can do to help get there, hard work of course is part of it but better quality horses would help out.  Unfortunately a better quality  horse that's ready to go, or even green broke, just isn't in my budget (holy crap, try buying a decent barrel horse or prospect in Saskatchewan or within a reasonable distance... or maybe I've been sheltered by the prices of average horses for too long) :/
Anyhoo, we decided that a weanling/yearling would be possible and Hubster gave me the go ahead to start looking.  I found a lot of nice colts, but I wanted a filly.  Part of the plan is to stick with mares* so that if (heaven forebid!) it got hurt there is still the possibility of a broodmare career (or resale as a broodie).

Most of the fillies I was finding were 8-10 hours away, but then a Facebook friend reminded me that there was a breeder with nice horses not too far away (less than 2 hours).  I hadn't actually forgotten about them, I'd drooled all over his posts every time he put up a foal this spring and summer.  I just thought they'd all sold.  There were a few left though, mostly colts but a couple fillies, so my friends Shelbs and Jada went on a quick road trip to Starlight Quarter Horses with me right after Christmas and I found this little girl.
Kelly & Michelle were awesome.  It was so darn cold but they took the time to let us look at all the babies, showed us both studs and walked us through the broodmare herd.  The pride they have in their stock is obvious (and deserved!).

January 4th Hubster and I returned to pick her up, Hubster got the tour as well. :)  
Her registered name is Fuegos Cuda Girl, we've given her the barn name Sarita.
Her sire, Frenchmans Fuego is Frenchmans Guy and Firewater Flit bred and her dam is a nice big mare with old school cowhorse breeding.

Sarita has been here a week and a half and is settling in well, she was a bit flighty but is coming around, Kelly had warned me all of that mares foals are like that at first.  Already Sarita is showing she's got try and smarts, I'm really excited to what the future holds for her!

*the plan may be mares, but there are always exceptions to be made for the right gelding.  And Voodoo of course, he's not going anywhere even if he doesn't fit in the barrel horse plan lol


  1. Its tough getting in with the better horses. I have had some nice horses but lots of average ones too, now I don't want the average anymore. I'm also a mare person, not because of the fact they can be bred but I just like them.....and now have a gelding lol

    1. I've always been more of a mare person too, fate just gave me a bunch of geldings lol

  2. I like this filly so much. After perusing the breeder's fb page, I have to agree that they really have a nice set of mares. Of course, you know how much I appreciate having a strong maternal side. :-)

    1. Knowing your eye for horseflesh and what you like, as well as your knowledge of bloodlines that means a lot :)
      haha I have slight envy over your little band of broodies ;)

    2. LOL. Sometimes I still feel the need to pinch myself when I look at my girls. I call them my 'dream team'.


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