Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maybe it's per year??

What the heck?  I'm not sure why, but for some reason tonight I just had the thought to try to upload a pic and it seems to have worked!
So maybe that photo limit is a per year thing?
(could I have really posted that many photos in a year!?)
Anyhow, here's the pic I loaded... and an idea of the snow we got during that storm.  ALL the pens have these HUGE drifts, except for the cow pen of course! 
Here Lefta, Odin and Applejack are surveying their snow wall.  Don't worry, they do have some actual room in their pen too.  I think the only reason they went in this little tunnel like area is that I had been in there and they were being snoopy ;)
Can we all say "slow melt please"?
*keep in mind, Appy is about 15.1-15.2*


  1. Yuck! I sure hope it doesnt all melt in one day or you will be floating away!

  2. weird about he pics, and I soo hear you on the snow, enough already! But with so much I agree we need a slow melt

  3. wow - that is a lot of snow. Makes our 1ft from last week look pretty wimpy. lol

    Hopefully it melts slowly enough to not cause any major problems, but on the other hand, it can't be gone fast enough!

  4. Wow! That IS lots of snow! We got hit really hard early in March. Should be about over now. Not sure about that pic posting thing...sometimes it works so easily for me, then other times it is a real pain in the #%% -- no clue as to why....


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