Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicken update

My little flock of hens is still here and seem to be doing well, although I think they're as ready for winter to be over as I am. 
I shoveled a clear area and laid straw out in their yard but they really don't have much interest in it.  However when I do chores I open the front door of the coop and let them out "in the wild" and most of the birds will wander outside.  If it's really, really cold I don't do that and on the other hand if it's really nice I'll open the door as soon as I'm down in the barnyard that way they can get some fresh air & sunshine while I'm doing chores for the other critters.
The girls have done well this winter, I had a least a couple eggs every day.  More often I had between 4 and 6.  Not too bad for a flock of 9.
Now that my first winter with chickens is drawing to a close I think there's a few changes I want to make for next winter... the three biggies are insulating the coop, add a sill to the door to keep the bedding in (spillage has caused a few issues with the door not closing properly all the time) and **fingers crossed for this one** running electricity to the coop instead of relying on extension cords.
Speaking of plans... it was surprisingly easy to get Pie to go along with expanding our flock.  Even though it also means adding on to the actual coop.  Yay!

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