Monday, April 8, 2013

It's back!

Sadly I don't mean Spring, still looks a lot like winter out there.
No, what's back is the creeping crud.  Thursday Pie woke up with that hellacious cough he gets and a raspy voice.  Being that any kind of cold or cold like thing Pie gets is cause for concern I called his doc and booked an appointment for Tuesday afternoon (which was the soonest we could get in)  Then we both went to work but he called me and told me his dad sent him home.  Which is good but shocking.
More surprising is that Friday he didn't go in at all.  In addition to the cough and sounding like The Godfather he was also experiencing shortness of breath.  Saturday I ran him in to see a doctor at a minor emergency clinic.  After checking Pie over and getting a pretty detailed history Pie was sent home with prescriptions for a few different medicines and lots of rest, including vocal rest which literally made me "LOL" as Pie is quite a chatterbox!
I was so glad I had taken him in!  Saturday night/Sunday morning Pie coughed so hard a few times that he blacked out.  That was scary.  Made scarier because I has to work Sunday and leave him home alone.  I left him with a set of strict instructions (if you have a coughing spell SIT down so you don't fall down, NO going downstairs, NO showering, NO going outside, and you MUST answer the phone!)  I called him on a regular basis from work to make sure he was ok and had my friend Scott on standby in case Pie didn't answer.  I also left a colourful array of PostIts all over the house with our land location number in case they had to call for help.
Today he still feels like crap but to me he sounds a very teeny bit better, so hopefully the meds are kicking in.  Unfortunately I woke up with a sore, raspy throat and a hoarse, whispery voice.  At least I've got today and tomorrow off... I plan to rest as much as possible, other than chores the only thing I've really GOT to do is run in to the doctor with Pie tomorrow.
Y'all know how worried I get when he's sick, and with his history it's not a shock.  Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.


  1. I am so sorry :( Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers Pie's way!! Hope you don't get too sick too.

  2. Oh it is so not fun when you get sick, specially Pie, hope he is on the upswing and getting him to the doc tom should be perfect timing...maybe they should look at you too.


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