Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its like a foreign language

I think I mentioned it awhile ago, but if I haven't... I signed up for a beginner DSLR photography class.  For me things like aperature, noise, filters, lights, etc are like trying to figure out a foreign language.  I'm hoping to learn how to use my camera better and feel more comfortable when I take it out of auto (which I have, but I've always felt a bit like I'm gambling when I do). Its a  Nikon D90, I've had it a couple years and I tend to joke that it's smarter than me lol 
I've been wanting to take a class for awhile but with my somewhat wonky schedule it was tough to find one that I could get to.  Then just before Christmas I stumbled on Matt Ramage's ad on kijiji, the classes were affordable and on Sundays, I could go!
So far we've had one class and I thought I'd share my homework with y'all.  They might not exactly be "pretty" pics, and I paid no attention to composition at all so please forgive that.  Also Matt wanted the pics SOOC* so the only alteration I've made to them is to add my little watermark (which tends to be fairly inconspicuous anyway)  In a nutshell, the assignment was to keep your subject in the foreground sharp while blurring the background as much as possible, by using a low Fstop. 
Hoar frost
Wire knot
Those first two pics were taken with the lens that came with my camera, it's an 18-105mm VR lens.  Matt had recommended a prime 50mm lens as a handy one to have in any kit and said that it would be especially useful for pics like this.  I found one for a not too bad price so I got it, and I was glad I did!  The next three were taken with it and the difference is noticable. 
George's nose
Applejack's eye

*SOOC Straight Out Of Camera


  1. great pics! I love the ones that are blurred in the bg - looks so neat. I have a nikon too and barely know how to use it! I used to get help from the forensic guys at work, lol.

    Can't wait to see more of your pics!

  2. Wow those are cool, i love the nose shot :)

  3. Great shots, Lisa! I really want to learn photography, too.

  4. Great shots, I would think you used a 2.8-3.4 f-stop? When shooting macro shots I tend to use the same settings to make the subject sharper. Good call on the 50mm prime lens, its a great portrait lens. Any Q's just ask I'm there and will answer if I happen to know the answers, I'm self taught, never been to any classes but I do need to take one on lighting and flashes, I'm totally lost there..:-))


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