Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Place Like Home

There really is no place like home :)

It was great to get away for a couple weeks, although I missed my ponies, puppies and kitties terribly.  Coming home and being able to sleep in our own bed was one of the best parts of coming home, and only partly because it meant Tucker was snuggling up with me again.
Seriously, 5 different beds while we were gone and only one really comfy bed.  Not great when I have a bad back.

Mom picked us up at the airport and brought us home (thx Mom!).  She & B had been house sitting for us (again, thx!) Knowing our home & critters were in good hands made going away a tad easier.
When we got home we let the big dogs out of the kennel and said hello to them before we let Tucker out from his crate in the house. 
Pete stood in the yard & I hid around the side of the house while Mom let Tuck out, he saw Pete and went running to him... until he caught sight of me as he passed the house, at which time he turned in mid-air and flew to his momma :D

Last night's sleep was the best I have had in weeks, snuggled up with my babydog and all the other critters nestled in for the night.


  1. That is too cute about Tucker! There is nothing like coming home and being welcomed by the critters. And getting a good sleep!

  2. Oh so nice to get away, but sure nice to come home. I think we appreciate home more after we are gone awhile.

  3. Travel is exciting, but you are right about the joy of getting back to your own comfy bed and critters! I guess our trips away are a great reminder of all of the wonderful things we have!


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