Monday, November 28, 2011

Lucas & Abby, and Tucker

We wrapped up our time off by going to Edmonton to visit my sister and her family.  As I mentioned previously Tucker ended up going with us.  My nephew Lucas was thrilled.
My little niece Abby was enthralled with Tucker too.  And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my little guy.  He's rarely around children but whenever he is he's a perfect gentleman, even with Abby pulling on his tongue and poking about his face.
We had a nice visit, did some shopping... I even get to say that I'm DONE Christmas shopping, and its not even December yet!  This is huge because I am a notorious procrastinator lol
(to be honest I have to get some stocking stuffers for Pie and there's a couple people I may buy something little for, but for all intents & purpose I'm done)
Little kids and the stuff they say & do cracks me up.  This for instance:
Lucas put his two stuffed dogs beside Tucker and said "Look, its a family"  He did make sure to tell us that they couldn't go home with Tucker, but he did try to get us to let Tucker stay with him lol (or Tucko as Lucas says)
Lucas kinda wished "Uncle P's donkey" could have come to visit too.  And he missed Comet, but we told him that Comet & Misty had to stay home to guard the house and horses. 
Something that I think is a pretty good idea for those of you that have kids and far-flung family... use FB to keep your kids in touch.  My sis shows her kids pics on FB so they stay familiar with who their family is, it really seems to work for them.
I happened to be on FB one day while I was there and Lucas crawled up onto my lap to look at the horses.  I showed him the new guy Smudge.  The pic happened to be one of my mom riding so I told him it was grandma riding Smudge.  He got this funny look on his face and said "Is this a new kinda grandma?"

Yep, it was a good way to end our vacation and head back to the real world...


  1. Too, too adorable. I'm pretty impressed with Tucker's behavior. I'm sure I could not say the same for Martha the Terrible.

  2. Sounds like a great way to wrap up your vacation - family time and shopping! :-) Did you make it to any tack shops???

    Tucker sounds like a great dog - some dogs are just so good with kids. My old lab Max loved kids - especially when they were eating, lol. They liked to feed him and he would very very gently take food from them. So cute.

  3. I love kids and their comments. It sounds like you guys had a great visit. Way to go, Tucker!

  4. Lucas is so big now! Wow! I'm so glad you and Peter had a good vacation!

  5. Sounds like a perfect vacation and I cant believe you are done your christmas shopping! I am not even started yet!

  6. Oh my gosh Lisa, I am woefully behind in my reading, I've skipped ahead a bit and I hate it when I do that. I will catch up with you now though.
    I've often wondered how Fred would be around little ones, I'm not too worried though. It seems the Boston pretty much goes with the flow. As long as there isn't ear and lip pulling or something. I am glad he went along with you. Tucker is so darn cute!


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