Monday, November 21, 2011

Going Home

Today I got a message for a nationwide (actually international as its for Canada AND the USA) plea for transportation for rescued horses.  Rather than explaining it myself I'll repost it:

A VERY IMPORTANT REQUEST: If you own a horse trailer and a rig, and would be willing to assist with the transporting of a newly rescued equine even for just a short distance, in order to get them into permanent homes, please come to our page and add your information to the appropriate Doc list (divided by USA and Canada, Pro Haulers and Non-Pro Haulers). We intend to turn that information into a huge database of people all over North America who will do their part to help get as many of our at-risk equines into safe homes as possible. Honestly- if we do a great job here, there may be NO horses left to slaughter!

What can you do? 5 miles? 50 miles? 500 miles? Whatever you can offer will be a wonderful service that you can provide. You may be asked to transport for a discounted rate, just for gas money, or for free. the financial arrangement is ALWAYS determined by YOU on a case-by-case basis. You may be asked if you're available to haul a horse from a rescue to a home... or, you may be asked to just haul the horse from one point to another in a series of 'freedom train' style transporters working together to move a horse across the country. You decide what you can do if you're called.

SO many at-risk horses in North America are not adopted ONLY because the willing adopter is unable to cover the very high costs of commercial shipping to get the horse to their home. This is how we can solve that problem! Thanks! 
Contact: Going Home

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