Thursday, November 17, 2011


Not on a jetplane though... Instead we're driving.  Pie & I are wrapping up our (much needed, well deserved) time off from work with a visit to Edmonton to see my sister & her family.  :)

When Pie & I flew east at the beginning of our vacation I missed this little brat so much that I had a very tough time sleeping the first few nights.
And while he was well behaved for "grandma & grandpa" (at least to my knowledge) it was pretty evident he missed me too.  (after all I'm his "momma" lol)
The 2 big dogs, Comet & Misty, are going to stay with my friend Jo.  While she has them she's going to trim Comet's nails, the big wuss.  The horses are all on round bales & free feeding (for now, that may change with some of the chunkier guys when we get back) so I just need my neighbour girls to pop over every day to make sure the waterers are working and everyone is accounted for and healthy.
Tucker... well he was going to get 'babysat' but that neighbour is going to be out of town for a meeting so instead... he's coming with us!  Yay!!  I won't have to miss this little guy and I'll have my snuggle buddy :)
While I love Edmonton c'mon, how could I leave this face for days on end again?!  There's some really good shopping there... including "horse stores" that Pie & Day have both agreed to indulge me with.  As well as other shops that we just don't have in our smaller city. 

I'm kinda sad though... our dog Echo went missing 2 weeks ago and there's been no sign of him.  I've pretty much given up hope of him coming home and now that we won't be here I'm wondering what if he DOES come back but we're not here?


  1. If it's not obvious by now...I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! Boston's just grab on to your heart and there's no letting go. Only people that have one will know this. Lately I have actually been taking Fred shopping with me, no grocery stores but Walgreens, the bank, post office and a few other places. Fred wears his blue walking harness and if people ask if he's a service dog I say no. I haven't been kicked out of any place yet. Of course if it specifically say no pets, he doesn't come. People just flock to him, and he loves the attention. Once, though, he cut one and there was a bit of an awkward moment...

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation! I'm glad you get to take Tucker, I'm sure the both of you will sleep better for it. :-)

    I'm real sorry about Echo, I'll be keeping good thoughts.

  2. I love taking my dogs with me when I travel; Tess is so pathetic if I leave her with someone. They travel well, so they usually come with. Tucker sure looks like a snuggle-bug.
    What kind of dog is Echo?

  3. I know, I usually drive and take my Lovey with me. When Tootsie was alive, I'd take her, too! Have you posted Echo on the Lost Paws Finder page on FB? And there's another one, Oliver Alert. Be sure to put your location in the subject line. Good luck, I hope you find him.

  4. Too bad about Echo, maybe he will wander back home. Enjoy your trip to Edmonton, love shopping(only reason to go to cities :)

  5. Sorry about Echo! But hope you enjoy your trip.

  6. I'm so sorry about Echo. It's so hard when a pet is missing, especially because you don't know what happened.

  7. I hope you can relax and enjoy your vacation even with Echo missing, hope he turns up though. I understand about taking Tucker with you, I have 3 Boston's and one of them is my "baby" and always comes on trips with us. I can't bare to leave her! :)

  8. Have a great trip. Hopefully Echo is fine and will wander home when he is ready! The 'not knowing' is hard!

  9. Have a great trip and maybe Echo will still show up. You never know.


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