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Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.

Ride with your heart and soul ~ your horse can feel it

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goodbye Big Guy :(

Last week my mom & stepdad had to make the tough call and put down their St. Bernard, Mack.
He had developed some health problems over the winter.  Mom & B gave him lots of love and let him enjoy his days until it was time.  Over the last few weeks it was becoming apparent that Macaroni's  time was running out.
I'll miss seeing him wander our backyard when they visit, and he was such good company for our Comet.
He was such a sweet dog, a gentle giant and will be missed by all who knew him. Good bye Macaroon :(


  1. Aww...too bad. How old was he? Those big huge dogs don't seem to last that long. :-(

  2. I'm sure he will be missed, just look at that lovable face.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of Mack. We;ll be thinking of you guys.

  4. Don't you wish that our pets could be with us for longer?
    He looked like such a sweet guy. I can see the 'gentle giant' in him and I love all of your pet names for him. I can imagine you will miss his visits.

  5. I'm so sorry...what a handsome, kind face...our beloved furiends always leave us too soon~

  6. Awww-I am sorry for your parents (and you).

  7. I'm so sorry. :( He sure looks like a sweetie...

  8. Awww what a sweetheart! I bet he had a great life with your parents though... rest in peace Mack....

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Mack.

  10. I've always had a big 'ol soft spot for loveable, huggable big St Bernards.

    Many belated sympathies going out to your Mom and B.