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Thursday, February 10, 2011

We don't need no steenking football!

So Super Bowl was Sunday, which means a new crop of Super Bowl ads!!  I'm not much of a football person... in fact my Facebook status said something along the lines of "watching commercials and there's some sports thing between the ads"
Sadly I was kinda disappointed this year.  Most of the ads lacked the usual wow factor; they were short on humour when they were supposed to be funny, were uncreative/unoriginal or just plain let me down -- ahem that would be the Budweiser "Clydesdale's" spot, seriously Bud that was your worst Bud Clydes commercial EVER.
There were a few standouts though, and although I'm sure my fav's aren't necessarily yours I wanted to share a few I did like.

Now the VW Darth Vader commercial is a huge fan favourite (so I've been told by multiple sources)  I thought it was okay.  This is my VW pic:

Eminem had TWO commercials, the Brisk one was good.  This one I thought had a better punch:

Possibly because I grew up a Chevy girl, but also because my friends and I would probably do the girl version of this (oh my I can just hear us talking it out lol):

I can't help it, I love the E*trade babies, and I'm not even a "baby r soo cute" kinda girl:

Now this is not as amusing as the Betty White Snickers commercial.  In fact it wasn't even that good of a commercial.  And I have to admit I've never had a Snickers... but I will just as a thank you for the ending to this ad! (I don't want to give it away in case you haven't seen it):


  1. we listened to the radio and according to the german newscaster,

    "the winner of the american football super bowl is the Green Packers."


  2. eh, what game? But I did enjoy the one with the kid dressed as Darth Vader!

  3. I love the E-Trade baby commercials.

    This was probably the funniest Snickers commercial. On par with the Betty White one for sure-LOL.

    We ended up having an inpromptu SB party and I was scrambling to put food together for everyone, Yeesh-My husband some times (eyeroll), so I didn't get to actually watch any of the game. Not that I was that interested-LOL.

    I did listen to Christina Aquilera BUTCHER our National Anthem though. Ow! I wasn't terribly offended that she messed up the words...but her screetching and trying to be 'soulful' while singing it was a disaster. Uugghhh! Artistic license FAIL!

  4. We used to watch a lot of football. Let me correct that statement, my husband used to watch a lot and I would kinda hang with him and knit or read. I also have to agree that the commercials weren't as good as I remember them being in the past. And...I guess I'm getting older, I really didn't care for the half time show.