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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just catching y'all up on a couple things and responding to some of the comments...
First I have to share this pic with you.  It's of Oliver and was taken the same day as the "Catwalk" photos.  I felt that his catwalk strut photo didn't do him justice, he's quite a handsome cat and this pic of him getting ready for the photo shoot is more flattering:
BEC had made a comment about the barn kitties being "Momma's cats" and yes they are.  Especially little Oleta.  For some reason she tends to hide out, or at least stay to the outskirts, unless I'm down at the barn by myself.  Then she's my little shadow and what a talker!! 
Really she's the one that got the other 3 up on the rails.  She doesn't like the dogs so she follows me by using the fence rails lol  After the other cats saw her getting some love they thought it was a good idea too.
For some reason she's the only kitty that hasn't spent any time hanging around the house trying to convince me to let it be a housecat.
Which brings me to OS's comment about having more kitties than I do.  Not trying to get ahead of her or anything but just for the record, besides the 4 barn cats we do have the 2 indoor cats, Chloe and Lola.
There were a few comments on the Circles post (Sunday Stills)  LOR had asked what the first pic was, it was a close up of the same tractor tire that was below.
Shirley asked how I like the soft core round bales.  To be honest this is the first that we've had to deal with round bales ourselves so I don't really have anything to compare it with.  Where we boarded they fed the hardcore rounds.  The only thing I can really say is that the horses seem to find it easier to get into the bales... which also makes it easier for them to strew hay everywhere and make a mess lol  Thankfully they do clean it all up.
In that "Welcome to Saskatchewan" post, that gives examples of 'if this happens you might live in Saskatchewan'... there are a few that pop out as being true in my own experience.  For example:  there are more Dairy Queens than just this one, but the one on 8th Street in Saskatoon is the old-fashioned kind (and for some reason it is THE one to go to in Saskatoon, way better than the newer ones)  And yes it does close down for the winter.  I have been in a store and been helped by people that don't work there, and I've also helped others in a store where I didn't work.  I've seen many people, not just men, with suntan lines that curve around their heads (ballcaps people!)  "Up north" for the weekend usually means going to the lake :)  People that have hit deer; well my friend Zab has hit 2 deer, at different times, this winter... in basically the same spot.  Heat to a/c and back in the same day, Halloween costumes to fit over snowsuits, roads that are better because the potholes are filled with snow, -20 being a little chilly, and being able to say those place names... hells yeah!
(for those of you who don't know how to say Saskatchewan, and man oh man have I heard some way out attempts, it basically goes like this: sass-catch-you-wan)

FlyingHorse2  passed me the Stylish Blogger award, however I did a post just a few days ago with it so I will just say thank you and I'm glad you like my little blog :)

Pie, well... I'm pretty worried but I'm praying that he'll get better at home, or that if he has to go to the hospital he gets better quickly there.  Its hard to say whether or not he's feeling better, I think it would help if he could take some time off work and stay home to rest, but we're trying to keep our spirits up.

It was freaking ridonkulously cold here earlier this week.  Unfortunately the waterer that serves the colts pen and Cessa's pen quit on me.  It still feels warm but it's dry.  Worse still I must have tripped on the cord and pulled the plug loose for the heat tape for the barn hydrant because its froze up too, so there goes back-up plan A for watering horses.
Thankfully the waterer in Rootbeer & George's pen is still working and the one in the gelding pen is too.  Better yet the gelding pen is actually 2 pens, so I closed the gate and locked them in the side with their round bale.  Then I closed the gate at the end of the alley and opened up Cessa's gate and the colts gate.  They found the waterer and the boys started trying to make friends with the pony & donkey through the fence.
Really hoping the hydrant and waterer thaw and there's no damage... its supposed to be +3 tomorrow!

Oh, and looking back on my posts I noticed that not only was January the most posts I've had since we moved, I had more posts than any month since I've started blogging! (21 posts!!)


  1. of course i know how to say saskatchewan, i just can't say all those other ones you mentioned: )

    ok i'm making a list now about seattle....

  2. i didn't like the soft core bales just because of the same reason- it's easy for the horses to explode them. The girls tend to go for the middle of the bale and root around, and the soft ones turn into a mess way faster than the hard core bales. That being said, the farmers here mostly put up large square bales (easier to ship in an area that exports a high percentage of its hay)so I fork feed with my wheelbarrow, and there is almost no waste.

  3. Cute kitty pics!!

    What is this? A blogger kitty contest? I am not gonna win that one.....

    However it should be interesting as the competition heats up...

    Still praying for Pie...

  4. I would love to have that many cats but I'm afraid the coyotes would be getting some of them so we just stick to the two house cats that follow us to the barn.

    I've been to Red Deer to show horses so can pronounce most of the names along the way. I remember seeing those electrical outlets in the parking lot at the hotel and wondering "what the hey?" until we had snow at the horse show in August following 80 or 90° weather. Then I got the picture. Don't know how you live in those extremes but I'm sure you never get bored.

    I remember seeing lots of Dairy Queens in my trip across Canada to get to the show. The older ones seemed to always have the best food. It was still just like when I was a kid. The newer ones seemed to be the more modern version of the food. Strange.....but true. LOL

    Hope that Pie is ok. You guys are on my prayer list. Seems to be awfully full right now.

  5. Huh...And here I have been pronouncing it...Cat-scratch-a-wan.

    Just kidding!

    I meant to ask you about those soft core round bales, so I'm glad someone else did. I have never seen them before. I sure wouldn't be able to put one of those out with my bunch without a bale feeder...they would have it spread from here to kingdom come. But it sure looks like lovely hay. And from the pic of your babies below...they are putting it to good use. ;-)

  6. Ok, we have the same number of cats. I only officially have 2 outside/barn cats, 1 indoor/outdoor and 3 indoor only. Well, until we move away from a busy road then one indoor only will go back to being indoor/outdoor.

    However, with that said, I did find signs of mouse in my bedroom yesterday. No idea how old it is. And the cats are banished from our room because Bad Pants doesn't like cat hair on his pillow.

    Guess Roxanne isn't much of a hunter. Oh. Yeah. She's a lover not a fighter. Leaves me missing my dogs that would hunt!

  7. Oliver is so handsome. Of course I have to say that because he seems to look a lot like my kitty, Thing One. I'll have to get a recent picture of her so you can see what I mean.
    Good thoughts coming your way for Pie's improving health. Have you thought of hitting him over the head with a baseball bat so he'll stay in bed and rest?!! (You know I'm just joking, right? But darn, I wish guys wouldn't be so macho some times!!)
    Best to you, have a good week...and weekend.