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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little brat!

Surprisingly I'm not talking about Tucker! lol  No today the 'little brat' title goes to Rootbeer.  Looks innocent doesn't he?
Oh but that's not quite the case!   No today when I walked past his pen to get Applejack little Rootbeer didn't greet me at the gate.  I didn't really think anything of it... after all he was in his pen somewhere, if I couldn't see him he must be in the shelter with George.
Umm, NO.  He was hanging out with the big guys in the pen next door!  I'm sure that when he caught my eye he was wishing he was on the other side of Voodoo!
No one seemed riled up so I haltered Applejack and took him into the barn for his massage/chiro appointment and went back to see what had happened... and there was the evidence, fence boards in the gelding pen!  They had quite obviously been kicked or pushed off, which would mean that either George or Rootbeer was the culprit.
Pie and I got the boards nailed back on, none were broken.  We decided to leave Rootbeer and Voodoo together for the rest of the day and after his appointment Applejack went in with George.


  1. Such Japes! Loved it, our welsh section A, has a habit of squeezing through fences and eating the sheep feed!!!!! Silly Boy!

  2. Ponies and donkeys! They are very handy at getting where they want to be.

    Rootbeer is so stinking cute!

  3. LOL The next-door mini manages to come and visit my guys quite frequently!

  4. How could you be mad at that li'l cutey! I used to have a Welsh pony for my daughter that would crawl under fences.