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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Stills ~ TV Shows or Movies

"...Simply put on your favorite t.v. show or movie and photograph the show and we can all guess whats on the tele..."
Well well Ed this was a bit different for me, taking pictures of moving pictures lol. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit we watch quite a bit of TV.  But there's not much else to do between 2am and 4 am while we're unwinding from work and getting ready to go to sleep.
I liked Ed's idea of making y'all guess what the shows were, some have more pics than others. Here you go 
(answers will be at the end, I'll try to keep the comments few and brief)

Show #1

(would YOU do this?! I feel ok laughing at them because I'm pretty klutzy)

Show #2

(human prey??)

(ah-ha, the hunters)

(if you've seen this show but haven't guessed yet the last 2 pics should be a dead give away)

Show #3

(all 3 pics are from the credits because the show itself can vary greatly)

Show #4
(ooooh, creepy!)
(oh baby lol)

Show #5
(the band that does the opening credit music is one of my old fav's)

(funny, in this episode I couldn't get a decent pic with the 4 primary characters)

Show #6
(this played in one episode and a snippet is used in the opening credits... loved the long version in the episode)
(this show's not all barrel racing)
(my favourite part of this show's opening credits lol)

Show #7

And now for the answers... *drummmmroooollllll*

#1 Wipeout - this show plain cracks me up
#2 Mantracker - tracker on horseback vs prey on foot
#3 Dragon's Den - in the US there's a similar show called Shark Tank I believe
#4 Supernatural - mmmm, hot guys and supernatural/thriller-y subjects
#5 The Big Bang Theory - SO good!! And source of one of my favourite recent quotes "Because I'M the functionary with the clipboard, bitch!"
#6 Rodeo: Life on the Circuit - following rodeo families/contestants on the road to the CFR (Canadian Finals Rodeo)
#7 The Weather Network - I have this on a lot when I need something playing in the background or I'm watching the weather so I wanted to include it.  I chose this photo because I cracked up at the unintended juxtaposition between the havoc that winter had played on freeway/highway traffic in the report against the VIA Rail banner ad's line "Winter can be enjoyable" playing below.

So how many did you figure out?


  1. haha totally love wipeout, those guys are nuts for doing that in public! and mantracker is awesome too. The other shows I dont watch much, but I did guess the rodeo one, cause we see tons of commercials for it.

  2. My hubby knew the first one, and we both love The Big Bang Theory. Wipe Out makes us laugh too! I'll have to look for the Rodeo one.

  3. Only knew three of them ;) Love watching Wipeout, but I'd never go on it!

  4. Did you know that Mantracker is going to change? Terry Grant isn't going to be on the show any more, some kind of contract dispute I believe, and I probably won't watch it without him- he really makes the show.

  5. Mantracker is going to change?! Gasp! I love that show, I was watching it yesterday (Wade and I want to do it). I don't get the Rodeo show though, I would like to watch that, dang it all...

  6. Mr. Fry loves Wipeout. I love the Big Bang Theory. Don't watch any of the others.

  7. Haha! I didn't guess a single one lol. Great pictures.

  8. i've never heard of any of those shows, nor any others mentioned in this week's photo challenge. i've been gone for almost 4 years and that is long enough to have lost all contact with north american media.

    i wanted to ask you about cessa, what did you do about the herd issue?

  9. Never watched any of these except TWC, I'll have to check out the manhunter show..:-)

  10. I saw previews to ManTracker and was all excited because you posted about it before, but haven't seen it on.:(

    I love me some Big Bang Theory! Very, very funny show.

    I also guessed the Weather Channel and thought the juxtaposition was funny also.

  11. My husband probably would know these but not me. I spend too much time at my computer reading horse blogs to have much time for tv. I have tried to take pics of TV shows before and it's not an easy task.