Friday, January 8, 2010


I did it... I shot my horse. Well horses, both the boys.
Applejack was good. He was first and he didn't even see it coming so of course he was fine. Voodoo saw it coming, probably at least partly because Applejack was first. There was no drama though. Just a quick shot and it was all over.
This is blogworthy for me because for a long time now I didn't think I would be able to do it. I used to give shots all the time. When vaccinations were due, no problem! Took the needle in hand and went about it. When Cessa had her abcess (absolutely disgusting, on her withers... that's a story for another day!) she needed two shots of antibiotic twice a day. Again no problem, even giving them in the butt! Which is quite a bit different than the neck.
Then a few years ago it all changed. I'd go up to the horse with needle in hand, and freeze. Sometimes I'd be so sure I'd do it that the needle would stop just barely in the hair!
I'm not sure exactly why I suddenly could no longer give a needle. There was no dramatic reaction from a horse, no bad experience. I just couldn't. The only thing that I can possibly think of that may have caused my freeze ups was that there had been an sudden onslaught of stories in the equine magazines about all the potential things that could go wrong and what could happen. Maybe that was it?
(have you ever noticed that no matter which magazines you read there seems to be a trend about what is being reported?)
If you recall a couple months ago Kimfer took Miss Isis to the vet and he recommended a joint supplement. Well its an injectable glucosamine supplement. Basically the same thing I give Cessa except hers is powdered.
Since the boys aren't getting grain I decided to give this injectable supplement a try. Its a weekly shot, or you can do three weeks on and one week off with the dosage slightly tweaked.
Kimfer did the first few for me but three weeks ago she said "Suck it up Buttercup" and forced me to do it myself! :o She told me I needed to get over this mental block, and she was right. It was time for me to put on my big girl panties and do something that I knew I could do because I used to do it all the time.
Good friend that she is she said she'd be right there with me. That she'd literally hold my hand if I needed her to. It never did come to that but she was right there with me encouraging me. It didn't hurt that I know both boys are very good for needles.
I made it through that first week and the second week Pie came with me so he could hold the horses. Smooth sailing! In fact when I did the first one he was petting Voodoo's nose and said "Let me know when you're ready" I just laughed because the needle was in and the syringe was already half empty.
Then this week I went out completely by myself....
Prepped the needles, brought the horses in and injected them without a 'helper' of any kind! Funny how reclaiming such a small thing makes me so happy (and to be honest proud)


  1. Good for you!!! I've never had to give injections to my animals - could probably do it with a bit of guidance. It does seem to go against good sense to stick a needle in something though...

    I guess since I've given myself injections (which I am in no hurry to repeat!) I could give Rusty one since he is good for needles.

  2. Congratulations! I still do not give shots to my horses. Used to do it with the puppies all the time, and even do it to my sheep. I simply cannot bring myself to stick the needle into my horse. Crazy, eh?

  3. I know how you feel. Although I've always done it, I'm never excited about doing it. I hate needles!! Glad you overcame your block. Great job!

  4. I admire you for giving shots. I don't know if I could do it. I have in the distant past, but I haven't had to for such a long time, I am sure I have forgotten how, and I know I would have a "block" about it as well!

  5. Did you read Fern Valley's post on fear? Lots of folks fear needles. I can do my horses myself no problem but when I have to get one it makes my stomach turn, especially blood tests. Odd isn't it.

  6. Good job on the shots. I can sympathize with you - I got a little freaked myself about giving penicillen shots to Piper after she had a run in with a T-post... knowing what can happen if you don't do it right. So glad it has worked out well for you. Cowgirl Up.

  7. How strange, I went through a phase where I absolutely hated to give shots too. I could still do it, but I certainly pounded on the poor horses neck a lot more than necessary-LOL.

    I think you are right, it was right around the time all those articles came out about bad reactions to shots and abscesses, etc, etc.

    A few years ago, I had to give the whole herd their West Nile vaccinations, so by the end of that, I was over my "phobia".

    Glad you got over yours too.

    Did you ever get in contact with Lampley? I was going to tell you that if for some reason you could not get Lampley's products in Canada, his daughter sells pretty much the same produce under the brand name TLC. We stuck with Frank after his daughter took his stuff and went public, but it's pretty much the same formula(Shhhhh;)

  8. Anyday, I would rather GET shots than give them.

    Last month, I had to give my weanling filly, Yalla!, her booster shots. I was worried about her moving around so I had my son come out and help me. When I jabbed her neck, she did squirm. Instead of taking out the needle and resticking her, I thought it was still in far enough, so I pushed the plunger. The liquid squirted into the air. My son ended up giving the other shot.
    Such a waste!
    I have given successful shots before but I really detest it! Now, it seems I have gotten worse instead of better.

  9. Cdn-You can email me at fast_draw45 at

    I have 2 email addresses for you and don't remember which one you said you use more regularly?

    I'll email you Lampley's info. And I just talked to them today and they said that they can and do ship to Canada.;)

  10. I haven't taken that step yet. Heather showed me once how to give a shot of Banamine in the neck, but I haven't actually done it yet. Handy skill to have, though. Good for you.

  11. I gave Gracie all her shots while she was pregnant with Patrick - didn't even think twice about it. The vet showed me how once and that was all it took.

    But my mom has shot issues and will actually cry as she does it. It gets so bad I will just grab it from her and do it - cause I am cold hearted will and get annoyed. Funny what your mind will do to you.


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