Sunday, September 27, 2009


The weather that is.
Kimfer & I decided to go for a quick ride into town on Saturday... man am I glad we didn't wait until today because it was darn cold and super windy. But yesterday it was still pretty nice.
I thought it would be a good idea to get some miles on Applejack as he's quite the pudgy guy right now. Voodoo was not impressed and was a bit of a jealous pest when I caught Applejack.
When I was brushing Applejack and looking at the winter hair setting in I noticed this:

His dark hair is shorter than the white hair. Kinda neat.In the past I've noticed that his largish dark spot on his rump has shorter hair that the surrounding white. But that's usually well into winter when the full winter coat is in. Its evident already this year:

Makes me wonder if those weather forecasters are right. They say we're in for a milder winter this year, or at least in the normal range rather than the super frigid weather we had last year.
But on our ride Kimfer & I were determined to enjoy what very well may be one of the last nicer days of fall. We rode to town and stopped for ice cream... here Applejack & Isis are discussing the flavour options:
It was Isis's first time into town and she did very well. We didn't go right into town, the ice cream shop is right off the main street so we rode in the ditch and crossed the road, then rode into the parking lot. Isis was a bit concerned over the changes in pavement where the road met the flattened curb area but after a bit of inspection she stepped right in.
There were only 4 flavours of ice cream left, so I got Kimfer & I each a chocolate cone. It was nice enough out that the ice cream was starting to melt so we started riding home while enjoying the cones. It was kinda funny, everyone driving by or biking by was doing a double take. What they've never seen anyone eat ice cream before? lol
I guess from now on we're going to have to stop in town for hot chocolate... I think its a few months before we can ride and enjoy ice cream again :)


  1. Too funny. If that had been my Boyz, they'd have had their faces in the ice cream.

  2. Sandy began shedding his summer coat back in JUNE! A full month earlier than last year. I hope that's not a sign of bad things to come; last winter was miserable enough!

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!
    I've noticed that my sisters Appy is growing his brown winters quicker than the white too. I think he always does that. I sure hope the winter is milder this year! I don't want a repeat of 2 feet of snow for weeks, like last year!

  4. Applejack is quite the 'textural' horse now. hehe!

    These pictures were great! I like that you're able to ride into town for ice cream, or soon to be, hot cocoa. I think people just love to see horses out and about, especially in places they don't typically see them. I know I do. I would have been gawking at you guys, too. lol! Do did the horses get a lick of ice cream, too? :)


  5. Oh! And we had a mild winter up here last year. We didn't even get below zero for more than a day, unlike the previous year, where below zero for a week was our 'normal'. gah!
    We also didn't get much snow. I think we're in for a more severe winter this year due to the fact that we didn't even get our monsoons until last September and they were short-lived. That moisture is waiting out there the form of snow maybe?

    And Baby Doll is growing a plush fur coat already and a beard! The yak is back!


  6. 'monsoons until LATE September. ooops!



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