Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Tis the Season

Hunting season. Acreage hunting to be more specific.
Pie and I have looked at two so far.
One is a sorta maybe. Meaning that if we don't find anything better, and the price gets dropped, we'd seriously consider it. The other one was way too far away, and the house was... well pretty crappy. (The stalls in the barn on the other hand were TOO DIE FOR)
Pie's cousin is a realtor, he's taking us to see another one tomorrow. I have no real info on it but I have a sneaking suspicion that its going to be out of our price range.
I also have a few picked out from MLS that I want J (realtor cousin) to find out more about and possibly see.
We looked last year and the year before. We take a break in winter because there's too much snow to really know what you're getting as far as land (fence/pasture/etc).
The past two years I was hopeful but didn't really feel like it was going to happen. I don't know why but this year I have a really good feeling about it.
(could be partially because I found out that even if our house doesn't sell we could rent it for almost double our current mortgage payment!)


  1. C'mon south and I'll sell you Casa Fry. Five acres. You can ride most of the year.

  2. It's a really good time to buy because interest rates are so low right now. Me, I'd go for the one with the good barn! Houses can always be renovated, but a good barn is hard to find. Ted and I are looking to buy in Creston area. Good Luck!

  3. Oh, good luck! I hope you find something wonderful!

  4. Good it is a buyers market - so maybe you will get lucky. I know you've wanted a place with acreage for a long time, so my thoughts are with you!

  5. Thanks for the good luck wishes guys :)
    The markets not as bad up here in Saskatchewan as it is in other places (especially the U.S. - our cousin has told us some real bad stories) But it has calmed down somewhat. Which is good and bad. Last year we could have gotten about $320,000 to $350,000 for our house and now its around $280,000 to $310,000. But we'd also have paid a lot more for whatever we found. Also there was a HUGE demand for acreages, everyone seemed to want one. Not the case now.

    LEAH - That would make for a HECK of a commute! lol

    SHIRLEY - Here's the catch: the stalls were gorgeous, the rest of the barn not so much. Also the tenant got in touch with someone we discovered we both knew and gave her the dirt on the place to give to us. Let's just say Thank Goodness we weren't considering it!

  6. John and I are Realtors. This is absolutely the best time to buy. If the market in your area is like most of the rest of the country, sellers are taking less than they have just a couple of years ago, which means you may be able to get something that was out of reach in the past. (Flip side means you will get less for your place now, too.) Best of luck with your search, and tell Realtor J that I am happy for him -- he is one of the lucky few in this business right now who is about to make a commission!!!

  7. Good luck finding that perfect place! House/property shopping can be so hard!
    That is so funny that my OH and your Pie are so similiar! It's like they want to take a part of the horse world but don't want to do it all and still claim the horse as "theirs"! LOL!

  8. Well that's good news about the renting of your house. Cool!

    You should it out around here. Buy 40 acres for around $80,000 and just build your dream house and barn.
    You could ride right off your property onto National Forest and Wilderness trails.

    I hope that 2009 is the year you find the place of your dreams...with lots of acreage, too.

    Happy Easter, my friend!

  9. How awesome that you're looking for land!! Mr. C and I are currently renting a small farmhouse but some days I'm so ready for my own land (for more critters, of course!) I can hardly wait!

    Good luck searching, keep us updated on how things go.


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