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Monday, April 6, 2009

I got it!!

Errr, actually I got two. See I want to use it on the dogs and cats at home but I also want to take it to the barn to use on the horses. Pie knows that I'm super forgetful so he could just picture me getting to the barn and realizing I had left it at home. So he insisted we get two.
Oh yeah, and what is "it"... well its this SUPER nifty tool that actually really does work:

The drawback is that they are pretty pricey. Ed (owner "Wunderbar/Critters" pet store and feed/tack store where we purchased them) said he used to carry the knockoffs and while they were much cheaper they didn't work worth a darn. They tore/broke the hair leaving the horse or dogs coat dull and rough.
Kimfer's mom had bought a medium FURminator for their Rottie and Kimfer stole it and tried it on the horses. Ty was actually making little happy groany/grunty noises when she used it on him! So yesterday when Kimfer saw how bad Applejack was shedding she gave it to me to try and WOW! Even though she warned me they were expensive going to Wunderbar was at the top of my list for things to do today.
I was having to pull the hair out of my curry with every stroke. After using the FURminator we went for a ride and when we got back I curried Applejack completely without having to clean out the brush! (yup, BOTH sides of him)

This nifty tool has a nice weight to it, it feels substantial in your hand without being flimsy but is not super heavy. It pulls out the shedding hair so it doesn't cut or damage the hair coat. IMO it worked WAY better than a normal shedding blade.

Here's the website for those interested:

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  1. We use that on our lab and love it - never thought to use it on the horse - duh! I will have to try it.

  2. Well now, I am going to have to look into this little handy dandy gadget! Thanks for the post!

  3. I have one for my lab (who sheds year round) but I didn't know you could use it on horses too! It does work great on dogs.

  4. They actually make a specific size that is labelled "Equine" I plan on using the snaller one on our dogs (a lab X and a golden retriever X) And possibly on the cats -- IF they'll let me! lol

  5. I need to check it out. Depends on just how pricey it is.

  6. I own a Furminator and LOVE it!

    Never thought to try it on the horse even though they sell an equine size... will give it a try this weekend!

    I find it works best on medium to short haired coats, brushing my sheltie takes FOREVER with it (I use a Mars Coat King on him). but my cat loves it so much she once rolled off the table I was brushing her on b/c she was loving it so much!

  7. Definitely will have to look for one!

  8. Yep, I use one on my horses and my German Shepherd/Huskey mix. Kachina just got "furminated" yesterday!

  9. Looks like a nifty gadget -- I have a longhaired cat that sheds like crazy. I am definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the info!

  10. I have always hesitated on buying this because my dog has a thick double coat. Now after seeing Squirrel Girl's comment, maybe I was right to hold off. However, I will definitely consider getting one for Casey now that I know they have an equine version!

  11. Chelsi - Click on the little trash can in the lower corner of your comment...but you shouldn't worry it was not an offensive comment.

    I have one of those! WE use it for our dogs too - I love them. But I have not noticed that they are any better than a shedding block or good shedding blade - in fact I was kinda thinking they took the basic design of a "equine shedding blade" and modified it then improved it for Dogs.

    And yes they are kinda spendy huh?

  12. Megan wanted one of those in the worst way for her dog, but I wouldn't break down and buy one...spendy little I would feel really bad if I went and bought one for the horses. But I just might. It sounds like they work like a charm.

  13. These are honestly THE best shedding tool I've ever used on a horse.
    Ed did mention that the knockoffs don't do a good job. They tend to break and tear the hair which gives a dull, rough coat.

    I plan on doing the dogs in the next day or two. My mom got one last year, or rather her hubby did, she thought he was NUTS when he told her how much it cost. Now she is greatful to have it (they use it on Mack their St Bernard)

  14. Never heard of this! Sounds awesome!

    In my best Arnold S. voice: "The hair won't be back!"

    Go Furminator!


  15. I did a couple posts awhile back on my blog about furminator, we got it for our German shepherd and it is wonderful!!! No more loose furballs flying around the house:)

  16. I have a good friend that uses this on her dogs. She swears by it! She has also given us a demonstration on how it works! I have not used one yet, but my Aussies have a double coat and very long hair, so might be difficult to use on them?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am very excited about going public!

  17. I have one and use it faithfully on my dogs!! It's awesome!!

  18. I had no idea there were so many Furminator fans out there! Wish I had known about this invention a long time ago.