Thursday, April 2, 2009

Throwing down...

Relax not a fight story but rather a challenge.
although I did "physically remove" a guy from our bar last night heh heh
So I was watching Suze Orman on Ops today (ummm... that would be "Oprah") and I was getting rather depressed (no worries, things here are good so far). But hearing the fear and desperation in some of those people's voices... *shiver*
I got to thinking, although it is easier said than done depending on your circumstances, having a positive attitude can really help a person deal with and get through the bad times.
What can a person do to help their own attitude AND someone else's? Hmm...
Then I decided to challenge all my blog friends to a little thing I'll call "Thoughtful Thursdays".
Let's all try, at least for the month of April (longer if you can) to do at least one random nice/thoughtful/kind thing for someone every Thursday.
I kinda started with a cheat. Because this IS something I do from time to time, but it is Thursday so if I do nothing else I'll count this: today when I went through the drive-thru for my Starbucks fix I paid for the order in the car behind me as well. And you know what, it did make me feel good. It also surprised the gal at the drive-thru window and gave her a smile AND the girl who had been behind me honked rolled down her window and shouted "Thanks!" with a big smile (and I had seen her in my rearview mirrow... she had NOT been looking so happy before)
But that is just one suggestion. Some of us are pinching pennies more than others and can't afford to do that kind of thing. Some of us are living out in a small town/rural area and don't have that kind of opportunity.
There are TONS of nice things you can do that don't involve money. Help someone out (yard work, running errands, etc) that you know needs help, bonus do it before they ask for help! Pay a sincere compliment, bonus if its a stranger.
These are tough times for the majority of us, we all need to stick together. A positive attitude helps. When you do nice things for others YOU DO feel better and so do they! What do ya say, who's with me?


  1. I'm with ya baby! ;)

    We try to do things all the time -- little things if nothing at all.

    My last Thoughtful deed? There was a lost looking Ranger in WalMart the other day when I went. One of the door greeters is in a wheelchair, and the kids and I have been joshing with her for a while now. Well, as I was walking out, the down looking Ranger on my heels, I did my usual joking with Carlotta the Greeter (who also can not speak, only SMILE this huge beautiful smile,) telling her not to chase that fine solider out. I turned to the Ranger out, and said, "We gotta watch her. She's quick!" He smiled and laughed, and said "She looks it!" (All of which made Carlotta Smile all the more and BLUSH!!) The Ranger and I continued to walk on out the door, when it hit me. Dude-- this is a RANGER. Who has served overseas. He looked tired, stressed, lost, and down.

    I stopped, and turned to him, and stuck out my hand... and looked him in the eye and said, "Thank you."

    He blinked, took my hand in a strong grip, smiled, blushed, and said, "No M'am- I have to say Thank YOU."

    He walked out smiling. Carlotta saw the whole thing, and kept on smiling, and me? Well, I went out smiling too, feeling better myself about taking two seconds to let someone who has fought for our country that he is appreciated.

    Not much, but damn it sure felt good.

  2. What a wonderful idea! The old saying it is better to give than to receive is so true. Makes you feel so good to brighten someone else's day!

  3. Sounds like a good idea!! I've been just trying to be more patient with people these days. Usually I get a little snippy and huffy with people, (especially when driving.) I've been using this tactic with harried retail personnel and when I smile and tell them I'm not in a rush, don't worry, they visibly relax and I get good service.

    Mrs Mom - great story! Those military guys/gals get me all teary-eyed all the time. :-)

  4. Does writing a reactive dog post for Melanie count? No? Well, we sent books to school with Dude for the Emotional Growth Class (special ed) he's in. We gathered up all the books he and Doodle had already outgrown reading-wise and donated them to his class since they're a k-2 room. Books for the classroom come out of the teacher's budget and she's new to our school and state this year. We were able to more than double her current stock.

  5. This is a great idea. But since I didn't read it until after 9p on Thursday, I will do my "good deed" tomorrow and let you know how it went. We should start a movement!!!

  6. Look at you...spreading good cheer and positive thoughts. ;) Great idea! I tried to do that "Starbuck's" thing once at McDonald's. My parents were behind me at the drive-thru line and I wanted to buy their breakfast. The guy at the window was like, "Uh, I'll have to go get my manager." I mean, forget it! I didn't think it was that big of a deal. But I guess I wouldn't know exactly what they were ordering and how much it would cost, so how could I pay him in advance?

  7. I love it! You guys are so aweome :)

    Mrs Mom - you made me cry

    Laura - I always find it pays to be polite to those who work customer service type jobs (and not just because I do) The polite friendly customers are the ones that get a little extra effort even if we're having a bad day. :)

    Oregon - that must have meant SO much to the teacher! They don't make a lot in the first place so you definately saved her/him some $$

    PG - I've NEVER had it backfire like that on me. That's kinda strange

  8. I bought lunch for a gal at work who had to work through her lunch.

    It didn't cost much at all - as she love Cup-O-Noodles, and yes it did make me feel great for the rest of the afternoon.

  9. Well, I think I made a contribution to the movement...One of my co-workers needs to apply for the mortgage restructuring program being offered to folks having a hard time. He is an immigrant to this country, so I helped him get the paperwork, etc., and explained things. I understand a lot of this because I am also a Realtor. Anyway, I think he appreciated someone helping him to get started on the process.....

  10. Cool idea Lisa! I'm actually really bad at this kind of thing:-x so I'll try to break out of my shell...
    My dad always goes out of his way to thank service men and woman, I just think it's awesome!
    Lisa that's really cool of you to buy coffee for a stranger!

  11. I'm in! But I'm trying to be thoughtful and gracious as often as possible. Being injured makes you humble and you realize quickly how much the little things mean. I can't do much right now but I can send cute little e-cards for no reason to friends.

  12. Donna - one of my fav things is cards (paper or "e") that are for no reason :)

  13. I love this idea, L :)

    This will be challenging for me as I rarely get out of the house. I haven't been shopping in more than 5 months and we go through a drive through or eat in a restaurant maybe every other month.

    But one thing I do on a weekly basis is go to my Physical Therapy. And I remember how depressed, frustrated, down-trodden and hopeless I felt when I first started physical therapy.

    So when I see someone with that same look on their face, I always give them a smile and a few words of encouragement. I don't talk about myself, but I just ask them what they're going through and then cheer them on and assure them that it does get better and there will always bee good and bad days, but they'll make it through just fine.

    I love seeing the tension and sadness fall from their bodies and faces as visible as a 2 ton boulder.

    It may not be much, but I'm glad that my own experience, and the outpouring of support that was given to me, has taught me a little of what others are going through and what they truly need.

    A few kind, caring words and some encouragement. :)



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