Saturday, March 28, 2009


There are a few comments that seem to need response, or that will make for (I hope) an interesting story or two. Plus a couple things to catch y'all up on:

Pie's Eye
His right eye is blurry, but only when he looks peripherally. Straight on everything is fine. He also feels a bit of pressure just under the eye. When he covers his 'bad' eye and looks at something he sees the correct colour (ie a red bottle looks red) but when he looks at it with the good eye covered that same bottle appears reddish-black.
So far we have been to the eye specialist at the hospital 4 times now. Still have no idea what's wrong. His CT scan came back fine and he is waiting to find out when he goes for an MRI.
**clarification for newer readers - Pie is my hubby**

My Back-
I have had a few car accidents over the years.
(okay its about 5, but I am NOT a bad driver. I've never been the one at fault)
Plus, as is the case for many of you, I've found myself separated from the occasional horse while riding.
I basically have pain to some degree or another everyday. Its one of those things that you become used to and don't really realize until its a bad day. I've been having a LOT of bad days lately. Which leads to headaches, poor sleep and general bitchiness (and trust me I am very good at being a bitch! lol)
I've also been having more joint pain lately. And a strange sensitivity type of pain. Like when my sister gave me a 'pat' on the back and it felt like she'd thrown a brick at me.
I'm starting to think my mom may be right, I should talk to my doctor about fibromyalgia .

I was asked why I have these both on my blogroll. Truth be told its because even if I don't agree with them I find them somewhat entertaining (especially if I'm in a bitchy mood).
I used to really enjoy FHOTD. Back when Cathy was focusing more on outing truly tragic abuse cases or examples of poor breeding/conformation. I find that lately she (and her more rabid followers) are taking things too much to the extreme. Or making a great big deal out of something that really isn't all that bad. Also I just plain disagree with some of her opinions. Then add to that that when you are as well known, and opinionated, as she is that you really need to make sure you are as close to perfect as you portray yourself as (whether that is your intention or not). Well guess what, she's not that perfect. Nor are most of her 'mafia'. I honestly think that a LOT of those folks would fail a Fugs inspection.
So that is why I also enjoy FWOTD. Same snarkiness as Cathy, but directed at her and her mafia. Pointing out that they are NOT "all that and a bag of chips".

*wave to David* Thanks for the mention David! I'd never heard of this before and when I went to check it out I was flattered. (also thanks to whoever nominated me!)

I'll leave the wine (and beer) drinking to the rest of y'all. For some reason I can NOT drink either of them... they go straight to my head.
I will admit that I've allowed myself to indulge in a "few" adult beverages every once in awhile lately. (our bartender/my buddy John is a BAD influence! But I do get my 'revenge'. lol)

I've noticed a few people have added a widget for their Facebook profile. Which one did you use? I tried but it came up in Spanish.

The married woman-
Yes that one. She and her hubbie are good customers. The kind you want in your bar. They spend a decent amount of money, they tip well, they don't start crap but will back Pie & John if there's trouble.
Well she's been awfully complimentary to me lately. Not really a biggie. But then she told me that if Pie and I ever split up and I wanted to try playing for the other team to let her know. Pie and I both laughed but when HE walked away she grabbed my arm and said "No. Really."
Ever since then she is even more complimentary and has started doing things like grabbing my ass. A little awkward, especially since I know she and her hubbie have had other woman with them. That's fine for some people but not my thing.


  1. Hi! Dusty Devoe here, Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    The dog shampoo is by
    touch of mink
    I love it. I have been using it for about 4 years now. It is a natural insect repellant, and anti bacterial. I order the gal size. Let me know if ou try it!

  2. My horse had an eye problem that went on for about 5 years. Long story, but it ended up progressing to glaucoma and she had to have the eye removed. We had her treated at Purdue University Large Animal Hospital ophthalmology department. After lots of stress to her, and lots of money spent, the eye was removed. If I had it to do over again, I would not have put my horse thru all of that (3 surgeries, multiple vet visits, etc.). I would have had the eye removed sooner. She is NO different on the trail without it, and I believe she is much happier since that painful eye is gone.

  3. sound like you have been a busy woman!!! I have ner heard of FWOTD, and will have to go take a peek. I am with you on her blogs...I read them more for entertainment purposes now. :)

    Sorry that Pie's eye/vision is acting up. He is diabetic, right?? I am sure that the doctors have already looked into that issue though...

    And I am also sorry to hear about your back. Chronic pain is the WORST, and unfortunately, most doctors just think that patients' make it up. That is why I have learned (or at least tried!) to control mine with massage, yoga, mucsle relaxers and ibuprofen. Oh, and going to their office when your muscles are so tight that the pain causes you to vomit helps!!!! That way they can feel the tightness, and see your vomiting. (Sorry...that may be TMI!!!)

    Take care and keep us posted! :0

  4. I have lots of comments to add, so I'll apologize in advance for being long winded.

    First, ((jingles)) for Pie!

    Next, I have fibro, so if you need someone to talk to, who really understands, you know where to find me! And, being hit by a brick is a good description. It took my husband about a year to not take it personal if I found a pat from him feeling like I was being pounded on. It was simply my sensitivity, not his touch that was the real culprit.

    FHOTD- I have had some IRL experience with Cathy and she doesn't exactly live what she preaches. I'm not slamming her here though. Also, I've not been following her blog much lately due to the shift in it's tone. It's not so entertaining.

    Wine- I don't drink all that often, just once in a while.

    The married woman- There's a fine line between flattery and pushy. This woman appears to be stepping over it. (I've also experienced this). How would you deal with this if she was a male customer? That may or may not work. Some women seem to feel entitled to whatever they wish. You know the type. I suspect that if you continue to ignore or rebuff her advances, she'll eventually get bored and move on.

  5. You're back! Sorry to hear about Pie's eye, hope he gets it figured out and treated.
    I too havee chronic back pain and have chosen not to use medication for it. If it gets really annoying I use essential oils on it, which are a great relief. They work for fibromyalgia too- which I don't have, but know people who do.
    The Fugly blogs I stay away from, in the interest of being charitable.
    As far as wine goes, I do love a good Australia Cabernet Sauvignon..... but I really prefer Pomegranate Cider!
    And the sexual harrasment - I'd do to her what I'd do to a guy if they grabbed my ass- give'em a black eye!

  6. Wow-sounds like you got a girl crushin' on you hard. It starts out kind of flattering and then has a tendency to get weird doesn't it?

    I gave up on even following fugly. A bunch of the regulars left over the "painfully stupid" followers comment that Cathy left on another board, but they have quickly been replaced with more regulars and each subsequent set seems to be even more radical than the last. I was really enjoying FWOTD, but she hasn't kept up with the posting and it has kind of fizzled. Even Mugs doesn't seem to have much use for Cathy's take on things when fugly comments on Mugs' blog. Sooo really, it's just like High School-one day your popular and the next your not-LOL. I much prefer the camraderie and friendship that is built by reading personal blogs.

    I hope they figure out what is going on with Pie's eye and your back. Neither one sound like they are very fun to deal with. Fingers crossed for some quick remedies.

  7. Okay..I came back to get the link to FWOTD, so I could check it out, and saw that I totally missed the "other woman" comment. LOL!!! That can be a bit awkward...especially if she is married!! :)

  8. Sorry to hear that things have been tough for you lately. I hope Pie's eye is ok...

    Too bad about your back pain - I hope you have some options there. Going to the dr about fibromyalgia sounds like a good idea, although I have my fingers crossed that that is not what you have.

    Hang in there!

  9. oh my my my. I remember when my hubby (fiance at the time) went to a western bar while on vacation and a gal that we met from the western store met us there. Yeah, found out she wasn't interested in "us" but more of me. She kept asking me to dance. I was like ok, no biggie, my other friends and I dance all the time. But when we went to leave, she looked directly at me and said "if your hotel room is too far away, I don't live far from here." Didn't give a second glance to my hubby. lol!! Kinda weird I will admit. I don't think I was flattered at all.

    I hope things get figured out with Pie's eye too. I'm sure his drs are trying hard to figure it out. Was this a recent thing or ongoing? I don't remember reading about any of this stuff before.

    As for Fuglys, I too read both for entertainment purposes. Too much "your stupid" "no YOUR stupid" going on there. I can't stand that.

    Drinking? Amaretto Sours for me and that's about it. Not too alcoholy tasting. I don't like beer and I can barely tolerate about 2 sips of wine. Maybe I just havn't tried enough.

  10. A lot of stuff has been going on!! You sure sound busy. I hope your hubby can find out what is going on with his eye. I have horrible vision and there is nothing more aggravating than not being able to see.

    Ouch, your back sounds painful. I hope you get some better days soon!!

    I have FHOTD on my google reader. I only really glance over it for some entertainment every now and then. Her followers are strange. LOL!! Weird horse people!! LOL!!! We are all a bit weird though aren't we?

    Another woman huh? That sounds, ummmm interesting!! YIKES!! The butt grabbing would be it for me!! Weird!

  11. Wow! Lot of stuff there. Totally agree with you on FHOTD - I usually read when she posts - cause sometime she can be really damn funny... but have commented less and less - but of the same reasons...

    I did get that message - you were not hit. But hey it was a slightly funny misunderstanding! And ummm yeah - not my thing either.

    Hope you get to feeling better I know it just sucks feeling crappy all the time.

  12. I'm catching up on blogs so bear with me!

    Oh gosh, I hope Pie's eye problem isn't anything serious? Poor guy, jingles for his eye!
    I'm sorry you've been down, but back pain can really bring you down fast and yes wine helps alot!:-)
    Uh oh, I hope I didn't make you mad with my questions on the FHOTD vs FWOTD! I was just curious and thanks for the response, makes sense to meh! Her mod is pretty scary and ridiculous most of the time.
    The married woman, all I can say is LOL.


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