Monday, March 2, 2009


I drive by these two old barns whenever I go to my Mom's house. There are no signs of houses or other outbuildings, just these barns. Even though they are run down you can see they were once fine buildings. When Leah started doing her "Falling Down" posts I knew I had to snap a couple pics for her :)
This red one is the first one I pass. It is just after the town of Allen (I think) -

This weathered grey barn is nicknamed "5 Minute Barn" because it takes about 5 minutes to get to Mom's house when we see it. (there does appear to be some sort of small building, maybe a chicken coop behind and to the left) -


  1. Wow- can you just imagine what those looked like in their heyday? I love daydreaming about things like that and exploring in them- provided they are SAFE! LOL

    Hey shoot me an email. I am privatizing the Daily Journal, and would like to invite you. Just need your addy again!

    Stay warm up there girl!!

  2. Ok. This is creepy! If you recall, Leah posted her first "Falling Down" post on the day that I fell off my horse: Christmas Eve.
    And now here's some more things falling down. lol!

    Love those old barns. Noone makes barns the same way anymore. Sad.


  3. I love to see old barns off in a field by themselves. Just something cool about them.

  4. Nice pictures - makes you wonder what the story is that goes along with those old barns.

    We used to play in an old barn down the road as kids - there were haylofts on both sides, with a big open aisle. Someone had installed a rope from the ceiling, so we used to swing from side to side. It's a wonder we weren't hurt...

  5. What gorgeous barns!!! I love to take pics of them too, but like you, I am usually the one driving, and I am in a!!!!

  6. I love the pics of the old barns! I live in one! Love old barns!

  7. The culas on the second one are rather unusual. I'm thinking Ukranian influence?

  8. Sorry, that was supposed to read cupolas.

  9. I adore old barns, you don't see very many like this here in Califoria though.


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