Monday, March 16, 2009

I feel like Charlie Brown

When Lucy pulls the football away, know what I mean?

I've just been feeling really BLAH lately.
At first I thought it was just a case of the late winter blues (and with temps in the high -30's and -40's last week that could have been a factor).
But its been a bit worse than that. I just want to curl up and do n-o-t-h-i-n-g.
I haven't been, I've been on the run quite a bit actually. Test driving vehicles (when not being ignored at the Ford dealer, hmm maybe the Chevy dealer should send them a thank you card)
Driving Pie back and forth to the hospital. Seriously, we've been to the eye centre at City Hospital twice last week and go again this Thursday. And because they have no CLUE what the F is up he had a CT scan on Friday (results not yet in).
Then there is the chiro, in 8 days I've been there 3 times. Woo-hoo I get to wait a week before I go again.
And due to the back pain (which is why I've been at the chiro so much) I didn't even go barrel racing yesterday. Not to mention not riding even though the weather has finally turned more spring-like. But hey, at least I can sneeze without my back cracking and snapping... so far. And I have yet to have a headache, today.
Aaargh. Sorry, I know I'm being whiny. Most of you probably clicked off this page a few paragraphs ago. Can't say I blame you.
Maybe until I can focus on something horse-related or otherwise cheery I should just shut up.
(or I could tell you weird stories from the bar at work... like being hit on by a married woman! lol)

*Charlie Brown & Lucy are not my images, found with Google Images*


  1. Hang in there girl. It will get better- it HAS to!! ;)

    And Do Tell, dear girl, about the married woman at the bar hitting on you!! hehehe (I'll swap you in email a drunk client story for that one, though I really think YOURS will be better!!!)

  2. I strongly believe that we all have THOSE days!! I have been pretty whiny lately. But, dr today says perfect bill of health, go figure...

  3. It's your blog, write about whatever the heck you want. When you have a bunch of nagging little issues like that, sometimes they add up to a lot to deal with.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time lately. I hope Pie is ok and the chiro can help your back!

    Hey - it's your blog - you can write about whatever you want. I for one was starting to worry about you and was about to email you to see if you were ok! I'm glad to hear something, even thought it isn't great news...

    Hang in there girl, things have to get better eventually.

  5. Sending well-wishes your way!

    And do tell the story of being hit on by a married woman!

  6. Okay so what is all this about being hit?

    Do we need to head up there and kick someone's ass on your behalf? Just say the word....

    Sorry about your back - what happened? Just flared up? Did you fall?

    At least if things are snapping and popping they are moving - as long as the noising aren't broken bones moving around - snapping and cracking can be good.

    IF I can't pop my back at all - it's because my muscles are so tight that they aren't allowing anything to move (not good).

  7. Ok! You slapped me with that last sentence! lol! You'll have to expound on that one soon. Inquiring minds wanna know! :P

    And I'm really bummed that you're not feeling 100%. It's not fun to be sick during the transition from winter to summer, especially if it's a rough transition. And I had no idea you were going through back pain. Owww! Is this from a recent injury or has it been building up for a while?
    Poor you. I'm so sorry.

    Drink some wine and be kind to yourself. Feel free to whine and share your ups and especially your downs. That's what we're here for.

    I know how much it meant to me (and still does) after my fall and surgery, reading all the kind comments and e-mails from all my blog friends. You all lifted me up and gave me hope.
    So let us all return the favor and help you feel a little better, too.

    ((HUGS)) and more hugs for you my friend,


  8. Have yourself some "me time". It usually works. I think quite a lot of people are feeling similar at the moment.

    Take care,
    CJ xx

  9. Congratulations on Post of the Day at David's authorblog [he seems to have a bit of a horsey theme going today.]

    Get well soon.

  10. Congratulations on Post of the Day at David's authorblog [he seems to have a bit of a horsey theme going today.]

    Get well soon.

  11. Congrats on POTD! Oh, can I ever relate!!! Charlie Brown is a favorite...and so you have my vote!!!!! Very funny piece! Enjoyed it!

  12. Came by from David to congratulate you on POTD. I enjoyed the post and was amused when I noticed you and hubby were owned by 2 horses etc.

  13. It seems the blues are going around! But things are looking up! Congrats on David's POTD mention.

  14. Bring on the bar stories! :-) I'm sorry you have felt blah:-( I know that feeling well and the being ignored at dealerships- actually not ignored, but made fun of. I hope this week has been better for you, hopefully your spring is coming soon!


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