Monday, March 30, 2009


Went and saw the ponies today (its been awhile).
Didn't ride but I gave them a pretty good grooming session while they ate their treats. Cessa (for once) doesn't have too thick of a coat under her blanket. She's starting to shed but there's not much yet... this is pretty normal for her though. But man oh man, it was like a snowstorm when Applejack got his turn! I took one swipe of the curry on his barrel and a sheet of hair (about the size of an 8 X 10 picture) lifted loose. At that point I got out the shedding blade and went to town.
Now that it is finally consistently nice enough out I took the blankets off and turned the horses out naked. I'm sure there's going to be lots of rolling going on tonight! lol
Oh, and before I forget I took a measurement with the weight tape. Cessa has wintered very well, especially seeing as I've been a "bad mommy" and not been out to give her her extra feed very often this last little while. Her weight is right on track with where it was in the fall (around 970-995) I thought Mr Applejack was going to be quite chubby but when I took his blanket off he didn't look too bad, still his weight came in around 1250 which is a bit too high. We're going to try to start riding more consistently though so I'm sure that will help us both! :)

ps - I tried to take some pics (especially of the big, fluffy, white piles of hair) but my camera was dead! :(


  1. LMAO-I thought you was going to tell us it was really nice and you got to spend a day sans coveralls and a heavy coat. I know, I always feel "not quite dressed" the first few days I get to move around without coveralls on.;)

  2. Is't it nice to get the blankets off and see them again!!!

  3. Hmmmm, well darn. I thought this was going to be a post about YOU riding naked! lol!

    Darn camera. Lovely naked horses shedding their fur coats and blankets.

    I bet it looked like snow with Applejack's fur flying! :)


  4. Glad I'm not the only one who thought you were channeling your inner Lady Godiva.

  5. I was wondering who was naked!! Every blog I have read these past couple of weeks has talked about the shedding going on. When the horsehair is flying I guess it means that Spring has officially arrived!!!

  6. The title got my attention! I wondered if you had pulled a Mikey and gone riding sans clothes! LOL!

    Our old man is shedding big time too, everyone else is slowly losing theres! I spend alot of time brushing and hair is everywhere!

  7. Too bad on the pics, blankets are off my girls and they are both piles of mud!

  8. Even though it keeps snowing around here, the horses are loosing hair like they definitely don't need it. Glad to hear that Cessa passed winter with flying colors.
    Mr. Applejack??? He sounds like!!! :)

  9. Ah yes piles of winter hair - gotta be a horse person to love that.

    Even though in Joes barn we could keep them shed out all year - we choose not to. You get a much better summer coat when you don't mess with their body clocks like that....

    Just think of the wonderful summer coat waiting under all that hair.

  10. Man, I'm jealous your weather has improved enough to shed blankets and your horses are dropping hair! That's certainly not the case here and I'm really getting sick of this prolonged winter.

  11. Yay! Run free naked ponies! Lester is shedding a bit here and there, no clumps yet. It's funny though because Basonge sheds in such a way that it looks like some mad clipper person came by and randomly shaved his sides. He has long little arab hairs too.


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