Thursday, May 16, 2019

The other day I had my first "bad" ride on Sarita, and even so it wasn't really bad.  I knew with being young and green she'd be bound to have colty moments but she's been so easy every ride that I was starting to wonder how lucky I was getting. 

Then Monday there it was.  She wanted to rush, she wanted to push through her shoulder, she wanted to make her own decisions lol. 
There were a few things at play... for the first time there were horses in the pasture instead of pens (and in places she could see them), I think she's possibly in heat, and she's on full time turnout now (and getting used to make her own choices for where she goes and how fast with lots of room to do it, which I think is making her a bit more independent)

So what did I do... lots of changes of directions, transitions up and down, backing.  And maybe most importantly (at least for me) just breath through it and ride.  She's not bad, even when she's a bit naughty, and I needed to remind myself of that a few times. 

We got there and quit on a good note - soft, quiet, cooperative. 

At least that's what I thought until I zoomed in on the picture below lol

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