Saturday, February 24, 2018


It's hard to believe it's almost time to send my filly Sarita for training.  
It seems like just yesterday she was a baby learning the basics of life... leading, tieing, coming into the barn, loading into the trailer.

Sarita as a weanling

But she's a 3 year old this spring and starts her "real" grown up life.  With Frenchmans Guy and Firewater Flit on her topside and that cowy cross from her dam I have hopes of doing well in the barrel pen with her. I'll be sending her out to be started and then spend some time "just riding" this spring and summer, and hauling her out to see the sights (at least that's the plan).  I would have loved to have hauled her along for exposure the last couple years but there was just no room in the trailer.  Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my trailer this year or next, and then Shine and Reya can travel along too :)
I'm excited to see where our journey goes!


  1. Love those bloodlines. It will be fun watching (virtually) her blossom! Who are you sending her to?

    1. I'm sending her to the husband of a girl I barrel race with. I've seen quite a few colts he's started (after he's done and while he's working them) and I like his style, very quiet and easy going but will get after them when needed.


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