Sunday, October 29, 2017

Frosty & Lefta bought me a present!!

We had a pretty good season this year.  A bit of work on my mental game, a great group of friends that were both supportive and able to give me a kick in the butt when needed, and putting in the work with the horses (riding for training and fitness, tweaking the feed program, regular bodywork by our awesome sponsor Natural Balance Equine Therapy, finding a new farrier, etc) all played a part in that.

While I may not rodeo, and I'm not a high level rider (yet!) #goals ;) I do have a bit of a competitive streak.  My horses are my hobby not my living so fun is the first goal.  But because they're not my living I don't have to watch where I funnel any of those cheques we do pick up, so this year I saved every single one we got.  The plan was to put it to new living room furniture or something equally as fun :/

Instead Frosty and Lefta bought me an even better present!  A couple friends and I took a road trip to Starlight Quarter Horses on Oct 21st and brought this little one home...
A weanling filly off Frenchmans Fuego  (sire of my 2 year old Sarita) and out of a mare with breeding really similar to Lefta.  In fact Lefta and this filly's dam are both daughters of Blue Boy Doc who is a son of Docs Prescription.

I wanted a Spanish themed barn name as a nod to her sire who goes by Fuego, I had done the same when I gave Sarita her name. This little lady came with the name Fuegos French Jackie on her papers and after testing out a few ideas she now has the barn name Reya :) 

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  1. Great gift to yourself! She will be fun to watch as she grows up.


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