Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Win!

Usually Hubster is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for but this year, this year I came across the PERFECT gift when I saw this on a friend's Facebook post:

I messaged her immediately and sent a deposit. Hubster has wanted a longhorn skull for quite some time now and up here they're not just something you run out and get.  I was 100% certain he hadn't bought one for himself lol
KB (the talented young lady that put this together) brainstormed back and forth with me on ideas and I settled on browns and sandy colours with some turquoise.  The main feature I wanted was my brand in the centre of the skull.
The other day KB messaged me that it was done and sent me a pic, it had turned out even better than I had hoped :)  A few days later we met in the city and she dropped it off for me.  I was so excited to give it to Hubs that I literally jumped up and down.  And yes he got his Christmas gift early, I just couldn't wait! (plus I couldn't think of a suitable hiding spot lol)  To say he was surprised and loved it is an understatement.  Pretty sure I banked some serious wife points on this one ;)

finished product
It is an absolutely fantastic feeling to give someone a gift that you are truly excited about and know that they'll love.  It's even better when you are receiving a pretty great gift yourself* but you're more excited about what you're giving :D
* I received my gift early as well, a 2016 red roan filly!  I'll fill y'all in on Shine in a later post :)

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