Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Problem with Boarding

Its always tough when a boarder you really like leaves, especially when you like both the person AND their horse.  This spring/summer I was lucky that a girl I know through mutual friends, and that is also a barrel racer, came to board at Rafter K and through her time here we became friends ourselves.
Tonto, Two Eyed Jack bred I believe
 barrel & "all around" horse

Tonto fit into the herd really well.  He was easy to handle and be around, heck even little Carlos! (so often a jerk to the horses) became smitten with Tonto and would often play with him through the fence, and try to steal his grain lol
Unfortunately, for us, Tonto's owner CH had a sudden change in direction in her life... she's off to further her education.  Now that's a good thing!  The not so good thing is that its hours from here and it makes no sense for Tonto to keep living with us.  So he's headed home to her parents's farm for a winter vacation and in the spring she'll move him closer to her.
Tonto went home on Saturday, CH left a bag of coffee (haha she knows the way to my heart! ;) ) and a thank you card (that made me tear up) in the barn.  I was sad I couldn't be around to say bye, but its probably good that I couldn't be there, I probably would have gotten a bit weepy.

It didn't take long to find a new boarder to fill Tonto's spot.  Shortly after CH gave her notice another friend through barrel racing messaged me asking if I had a full time spot and a temporary spot.  The temporary spot is for September and October while her horse is her for a lameness study being done at the veterinary college nearby and then she'll be moved, she should be arriving next week.
On Monday the full time horse moved in, meet Oakley:
cute as a button little red mare
great grand-daughter of Peptoboonsmal

Her owner plans to introduce little miss Oakley to the world of barrel racing, take her team penning, and just flat out enjoy her horse - I love it! :)  I'm looking forward to seeing their progress.  
If things go well Oakley and Lefta will share a pen for the winter.  First up though, pasture introductions!  So far everyone seems to be getting along fine over the fence so fingers crossed it will go well!

**horse photos for this post were shamelessly acquired from their owner's instagram accounts**

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  1. Wow Tonto is sure shiney! Glad you got a new horse in already and shes kinda pretty.


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