Tuesday, August 16, 2016


When my good friend Janelle (aka Marge, in past blog posts) asked me if I was interested in having a sponsor I laughed, and almost fell off my horse.  Maybe she could have brought it up at a better time lol

You see Janelle is a (fantastic!) equine therapist.  Among her tools are massage and chiro.  You can find out more about her here Natural Balance Equine Therapy.
She's also a BOT dealer and I looove my Back on Track products, both for my horses and myself! 
Also, I already am a loyal client of hers (and not just because we're friends, the friendship came later) and usually sponsors go for the girls that rodeo or at least compete at the top (1D).  I'm just a little 3Der trying to crack in to a higher level.  (and, and, and... ;) )  So yeah, I was a bit surprised!

When I reminded her of that she explained her reasoning... she knows that I'm her client with or without sponsorship, so it's not like she'd be gaining a temporary client.  And, here's the big one, while lots of people realize the top end riders use services like hers they don't necessarily think that "they" need to or should.  ("They" being the lower level riders and backyard riders.) 
But really, some of those horses need it as much and sometimes more.  She also added that quite a few people know that even though I'm not 'big time' I do what I can to keep my horses happy, healthy and comfortable which makes me a good example for those lower level and backyard riders and could possibly help add some of those lower level/backyard riders to her client roster.  Or get those riders thinking about adding that kind of care even if they use someone else, which will lead to more happy horses. (see?  Janelle is a good egg, she's all about making horses happy and keeping them feeling good!)

Janelle and a friend of hers, that is also an equine therapist, are so passionate about helping horse owners take better care of their horses that they've started teaching clinics.  I've taken a few and definitely plan to take more!  Check them out, Natural Touch Equine Therapy Program.  Between the tools Janelle has been teaching me through her clinics, and as a client, and having her work on my horses I honestly think they are doing better than before.  I've even had her scheduled for an appointment and she checked Frosty over and said that I had been doing such a good job with my "homework" that she didn't need to work on him!  I tell ya, that made me pretty proud :)

Who woulda thought... me a good example?  And me, having a sponsor? lol


  1. I think it is a well earned sponsorship!! We finally have a few sponsors around here who are also sponsoring people other than the 1D/rodeo girls and it has been extremely well received. It shows people that sponsors are not just throwing their dollars at the girl with the fastest horse(s), they are actually paying attention to the other 80-90% of the (mostly) ladies out there who spend just as much money and sometimes even more time and effort making their horses as good as they can be.

  2. I think that is super cool and what a good idea, makes it more real for those out there who are in the 3d working hard


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