Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Barrel horses - Gate Issues

Ocassionally Voodoo has a bit of a gate issue, not terrible **knockwood** but still, not a fun or good thing.
I stumbled across this short video by PJ Berger and really liked what she had to say:


Some of the stuff I liked and took away:
* check out different reasons for the issue: maybe your horse needs some down time, maybe it's a pain or medical issue.
* stay ready to run but keep relaxed while you're waiting.  It won't kill you to not visit your friends for a few minutes.
* some horses need to move to stay relaxed, it doesn't take a lot of space to keep them moving
* try to avoid turning around if you get held up
* ride like you train!  If you train with hands low, keep them low and vice versa
* keep yourself relaxed, did y'all catch how her horse reacted when she 'tensed up'?


  1. Interesting. I haven't been to a lot of barrel races but there is always a lot with gate issues. Seems to me lots of those with gate issues don't do anything else but run barrels full speed in the arena so that's all they know and it does cause issues. And I do see a lot of talking going on and that's just distracting.

  2. It never failed to frustrate me that most of my life I was able to take horses with gate issues and 'fix' them, but when Moon, a horse I trained, started having issues, I was unable to stop it. Some of it was due to health issues, but some of it was pure surprise that a horse *I* trained started having issues. LOL. That had never happened to me before. I was the 'fixer', not the problem. Hah!! In hindsight, it was just one more thing I was not in tune with when it came to Moon. I think all of that is mostly behind us. That horse was a heckava learning curve for me.


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