Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

Normally I don't mind winter.  Of course by the time it's almost done I'm more than ready for spring, but this winter... well this winter has literally been one for the record books. 
The coldest in 30 years, more days below -30 than the average, and last night what was possibly the coldest Saskatchewan night on record.

If you click on the pics below they should open up for you...
This first pic is tonight's overnight forecast:

And this is a recap from the last 24 hours, the section I am sharing shows that we got down to a "feels like" of -50C! (that's -58 F American peeps)
The only REAL good news in all this... is that it looks like those other three heifers aren't due to calf after all so they should be carrying Baxter babies!

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  1. I sure don't miss the cold weather.

    This winter in AZ has been warmer than normal and very, very dry. No snow on the mountains and only one day of rain out of the last 70 days. :-(

    Looks like home (Colorado) is on track though. Everyone there says it seemed like a longer and colder than normal winter, but it was not record breaking in any way. Good snow in the mountains, good snow and rain in the valley...Should make for a good hay year. I just have to be quick and get my orders in before the Californians get it all. :-/


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