Tuesday, February 4, 2014

There's a cow in my barn

Well Mom & Dad B came out Saturday to take a look at the remaining three heifers, and yep they agree with me... at least two, if not all three are preggers with Norman babies.

Trying to look at the bright side, it's going to be one more year before we get babies from the handsome Baxter so it'll be one extra year before we figure out what we'll do (sell his baby girls or sell him).

We're now a bit better prepared, sorta.  As the title says we have a cow in the barn.  We put Tasty in as she looks like she's closer to calving than the others.  Just really hoping she does calve first and then we can move in the next one (or maybe both of them) 

In the meantime we've got some more straw coming so I'll bed down the shelter the heifers have and we've separated Baxter from his ladies, he was feeling rather 'romantic' and we sure as heck don't want him getting that cow that lost her baby knocked up right now!

So fingers crossed that Tasty pops out a nice little calf soon!  And I've already got one boy name and one girl name picked out so hopefully I'll get one of each (Norma and Dudley, because we kept calling Norman "the dud bull" lol)

Then after the cows (and the dog) are done with my barn we'll get that nice horse smell back in there!  :)


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