Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I LOVE this stuff!

My absolutely favourite product for detangling manes & tails is Absorbine's Show Sheen gel.  It's a not as heavy and sticky as hair gel, but it's a bit thicker than baby oil.  It's nice because, unlike the spray, you can get it exactly where you want it and it doesn't end up on the coat instead.
**please note, I have not in any way, shape or form been compensated by Absorbine for this post**

Usually I'll groom my horses and then put some Show Sheen gel in the tail & mane.  Which ever is worse for knots & tangles is the one I brush/comb through last.  In the case of today's model, Voodoo, his mane was horrible.  It was full of lots of witches knots and almost dread like twists:
I put the gel in his tail, put more in his mane and then went to comb through his tail while the gel soaked into the knots in the mane.  Not soaked as in super wet, but as in it had time to work down into the hairs.
When I was done his tail I went and picked through his mane, some with my fingers and some with the wide tooth part of my comb.  Finally I combed through with the fine side and his mane was tangle free, smooth & shiny:
His tail wasn't as knotted as his mane, that change wasn't as dramatic so no "before" shots to compare to but here's his tail all gel'd and combed out:


  1. I too love that stuff, have used it for a couple years, even to get a "log" out of a friends horses tail when we went to a horse show, lol oops shoulda done it sooner I guess. I am so jealous at his long tail, Jessie's is growing but not nearly that long yet.

  2. Sounds like good stuff - I'm going to pick some up next time I hit the tack store (after work maybe...??).

    Spencer's tail is in need of some TLC - that might be the ticket.

    Voodoo looks pretty handsome!

  3. I haven't seen this product but will have to check it out. So many tangled manes and tails here, I am ashamed to say. Need all the help I can get


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