Thursday, January 10, 2013


If bad things come in threes I've had mine and should be good for awhile... and they all happened within three days.

1) I was opening the hay barn doors so we could put out new round bales and a HUGE chunk of ice & very hard snow came down on my head/shoulder. 
    I'm fine but wow, had a heck of a headache for the day.

2) A oh so nice neighbour took Hera to the SPCA.  I know it was a neighbour because the shelter called us saying "We think we have your dog".  The calls were to our home phone & Pie's cell, only a handful of neighbours have his cell and Hera doesn't have a microchip or tags (they fell off, gotta get them replaced).  Also, because of the fee paid when we picked her up we know she was brought in not picked up by Animal Control.  It would have been way more expensive to get her out of doggie jail if AC had brought her in.
   Thankfully she seems to be keeping close to home now (she's "allowed" to patrol the neighbours on the North & South of us) 

3) I got sprayed, full on, right in the face, with bear mace.  Wrong place, wrong time. 

So there it is, three things... hope that means some good luck is heading my way.  Heck, I'd settle for things maintaining an even (no bad luck!) keel.


  1. Oh no! But like you said, three bad things happened, so some good must be headed your way, right?

  2. Yikes! that is a plateful of crap! Hope it is all on the upswing now

  3. Dang girl...bear mace? Ouch!...Not to mention the hunk of ice/snow...

    Too bad your neighbors didn't just stop by and say, 'Hey, your dog is on our property and we'd appreciate if you keep it home.' :-/

    Hope you got all of the bad luck out of the way now. :-D

  4. Aww man! That is just not good. Glad your feeling better, that you were able to get Hera out of jail (damn neighbor) and stay outta the bear mace!! Hope a lot of good luck comes your way!! You need it after all that!

  5. I'd still like to give a Southern Talkin To to the jackwagon that sprayed you.



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